Guidelines Final
Guidelines Final
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Thanks for stopping by. Here's what you need to know to connect with the people and ideas that matter in our members-only forum. Our goal with this group is to connect you with the people and ideas that matter. The forum is a space dedicated to members sharing ideas, resources, challenges and solutions. This is a supportive and respectful group that values both deep substantive conversation and a communal, fun atmosphere.

In order to maintain this environment, we kindly ask our members to refrain from making posts that are:

  • Political or religious in nature.
  • Rude, bitter, angry, or containing abusive language.
  • Of an extended length that may be intended to be an article.
  • Solicitous or promotional in nature without offering members an exclusive offer/discount/benefit.

If your post is removed, don’t worry. We are happy to help you re-craft it. We can also answer any questions you have along the way at Thanks for posting!