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Abhimanu (Abhi) is Co-Founder and CEO of CausalFunnel where he solves the problem of decreasing conversion in online sales due to polluted data and changing internet landscape.


March 17th, 2023

How cookie-agnostic AI tools and platforms can help with online sales

The cookieless world might be discouraging for digital space owners at first, but I believe it can actually lead to more ingenious and innovative campaigns.

January 27th, 2022

Don't skimp on these 15 expenses (even when money is tight)

No matter how limited your business budget is, every company should find room for these essential line items.

January 25th, 2022

Is now the right time to unveil your latest innovation?

The business world demands constant innovation, but when is the right time to unveil your "latest and greatest" ideas?



Uncover the hidden value of your anonymous visitors with our disruptive cookie-less AI that is proven with 240 million+ sessions every year. CausalFunnel’s intent prediction and persona based call-to-action can help convert the anonymous visitor traffic into orders and revenue using our innovative DeepID technology. We’ve delivered solid growth to our customers via our future proof causal platform despite the unreliability of sales channels, cookies getting phased out and ads getting expensive. Our customers have improved their conversion by anywhere between 25% to 800% and revenue by 20% to 110%: https://www.blog.causalfunnel.com.