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CALL IT “THE AMANDA EFFECT”. Drawing from her 14-year career in technology and community building, this award-winning advocate and author brings a refreshing directness to bear on issues facing modern workplaces. Amanda took her personal experiences as a new working mom and channeled them into a powerful message in Day Nine. In this postpartum depression memoir, she shares the total collapse of self that resulted in her own rebirth and eventual launching of a company and a book which has helped thousands of new parents. She is a champion for the idea that rebuilding creates even greater success. A firm believer that brokenness does not eliminate options, Amanda will help your group or team find the opportunity in whatever disadvantage you may be facing. Amanda is regularly featured in The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, Forbes Magazine, Bloomberg, CBC, Toronto Life, and other publications. She can help your audience connect global conversations with practical realities standing right in front of them. Earning the Toronto Community Foundation Vital People Award for her work with women and technology and identified as a Women of Influence in 2020, Amanda can bring her advocacy work to bear on your organization in a way that results in breaking down barriers, building up safeties, identifying creative solutions, and creating a greater sense of opportunity for all of your team. A compelling advocate for universal childcare, Amanda was recently featured as a TEDxToronto speaker where she explored the financial incentives for companies to be a part of the childcare solution for working parents. In this talk, she advocates that employer-support for typically considered womens’ issues (pay equity, professional development, mental health, childcare) actually translate to greater economic potential for the entire organization. As Founder and CEO of The Workaround, considered one of the most innovative businesses in Toronto, she inspires childcare entrepreneurship around the globe with her own experience, encouraging new ways of thinking without losing the connection to the mission of the organization. Before creating The Workaround, Amanda was responsible for Marketing at HiMama, a SaaS platform for childcare centers, where she helped grow the company from four employees to 44 and learned intimately about the inner workings of early education environments.

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Alleviate the stress of having to provide an early education environment, a relaxing home, and a professional workspace all from your living room. Let us handle the work stuff so your home can continue to be your respite. The Workaround’s curriculum prioritizes the social, emotional, and developmental development of your precious little one so you can put your workday energy exclusively into work. Your child has an opportunity to learn and socialize in an exceptional environment, one where you are close by for cuddles, check-ins, and the quickest commute. Feel great knowing you’re supporting a local small business with flexible terms that work with your life. View our member handbook here. No hidden terms that stress you out (oh and thanks for reading this far down, well done you!) Private office memberships agree to a two-month commitment with 60 days' notice of termination. Childcare cancellation is 30 days. There will be no refunds or credits issued for missed days due to government-mandated closures, or due to any required home isolation periods. However, in the event of a sudden closure, we pause all billing immediately. Credits can be gifted to other families.


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