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• 2X Startup Founder 🚀 • Software Developer 🛳, • Cybersecurity & Digital Privacy Expert 🔐 • I fight for the users 🥷 • ❤️ Startups & investing Agency performs enterprise-level cybersecurity for individuals at the highest risk of cyberattacks because of their job, employer, or industry. Our subscription includes advanced software, 24/7 monitoring and response, and reimbursement with our Agency Cyber Guarantee. We help organizations get advanced security for their largest threat surface while maintaining the privacy of their teams. Agency turns cybersecurity from a burden into a perk. -Do your employees get work done on their personal devices? -Check their work email on their smartphones? -Use company-owned but personally enabled computers for work? You're at the highest risk of compromise without a comprehensive security framework that includes coverage for BYOD personal devices. We help companies from Startups to Large Enterprises: 1. Get Comprehensive Digital Security & Privacy for their biggest threat surface 2. Comply with cybersecurity requirements from insurance companies, clients, and third-parties 3. Give their employees real security and privacy These are the questions that used to keep our clients up at night: • How can I protect my company against cyber liabilities or attacks? • How do I know my team is following the right security protocols? • How do I know what software to buy, or how much to spend? • Where am I going to get the time to manage this? • Who would I call if we had an incident? 👉 I know what you're going through, and that's why we started Agency.


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Agency provides enterprise-level cybersecurity for individuals & growing companies.


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