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• 2X Startup Founder 🚀 • Software Developer 🛳, • Cybersecurity & Digital Privacy Expert 🔐 • I fight for the users 🥷 • ❤️ Startups & investing Agency performs enterprise-level cybersecurity for individuals at the highest risk of cyberattacks because of their job, employer, or industry. Our subscription includes advanced software, 24/7 monitoring and response, and reimbursement with our Agency Cyber Guarantee. We help organizations get advanced security for their largest threat surface while maintaining the privacy of their teams. Agency turns cybersecurity from a burden into a perk. -Do your employees get work done on their personal devices? -Check their work email on their smartphones? -Use company-owned but personally enabled computers for work? You're at the highest risk of compromise without a comprehensive security framework that includes coverage for BYOD personal devices. We help companies from Startups to Large Enterprises: 1. Get Comprehensive Digital Security & Privacy for their biggest threat surface 2. Comply with cybersecurity requirements from insurance companies, clients, and third-parties 3. Give their employees real security and privacy These are the questions that used to keep our clients up at night: • How can I protect my company against cyber liabilities or attacks? • How do I know my team is following the right security protocols? • How do I know what software to buy, or how much to spend? • Where am I going to get the time to manage this? • Who would I call if we had an incident? 👉 I know what you're going through, and that's why we started Agency.

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10 steps to recover your company from a cyberattack 

expert panel

Here's what to do if your business has just been hacked.  With cyber at an all-time high in today's marketplace, it's practically impossible to avoid putting your business at risk if you don't have the proper tools and a response plan already in place. But it's important not to blame yourself or your team if your company has fallen victim because you didn't see it coming. Instead, stop and think more strategically before you make any rash decisions about how to overcome the temporary crisis. Below are 10 experts from Fast Company Executive Board who can help you and your team implement the best strategies to come out on top and maintain credibility in the industry you represent.

10 factors to consider when assessing the customer journey

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Are you meeting your clients where they're at to help them reach their ultimate goals?  As the digital marketplace continues to evolve, there are plenty of opportunities through technological advancements for leaders to gauge the customer experience and real-time behaviors.  But to ensure a brand is meeting client expectations and market standards, it's more than just collecting artificial intelligence or emailing a mass marketing survey. For companies truly aimed at staying in alignment with their base and increasing satisfaction rates, it's about developing quality products and services that actually work, and letting the clients lead the way. Here are 10 tried and true methods that Fast Company Executive Board members highly recommend and rely on to measure a greater customer experience, find solutions, and build on continuous improvement.

Ending deceptive cybersecurity marketing


Fewer industries suffer from more blatant misinformation in their marketing campaigns than cybersecurity.

15 ways to gauge a prospective client's buying behavior

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Consumer psychology 101: Apply these engagement strategies to your sales funnel process. Keeping your fingers on the pulse of what's going on inside the mind of today's consumers, in real-time, doesn't have to be a hit-or-miss situation. If you utilize the proper tools and techniques available, you'll be able to quickly identify ways to elevate the customer's journey and exceed their satisfaction.  Once you've discovered what is working, or how to make the necessary tweaks in their experience with your products or services, you'll also be on track to gaining their long-term loyalty, trust, and support when it comes to advocating for your brand. Below are 15 methods that Fast Company Executive Board members are implementing in their business practices to engage with prospects and gather key information, which leads to sales.

Navigating a leadership role can be lonely—here are some tips

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15 company heads are sharing their best resources so you don't have to go it alone. Earning your first role in leadership may seem exciting in the beginning but it can be challenging once you dig a little deeper on the job. But if you learn how to build the right team to assist you with meeting the company's mission and goals, you'll be set up for success in no time with people who are willing to back each other up during the decision-making process. And that's a big win for all. In addition to having reliable staff to stand by your side, often what is most needed is the time to reflect inwardly by yourself—so you can think things through, or to seek knowledge from a close colleague, a mentor on paper, or through an established personal network that will keep you motivated when times get tough.  Below are some go-to leadership resources that a panel of Fast Company Executive Board members has found useful, whether you're a seasoned C-Suite executive, newly appointed team leader, or in the launching phase of building your own start-up.

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