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Andreas Pettersson


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Driven by innovation; integrity; empowered by people. This is the mantra behind Arcules, the company I currently lead as CEO. Technology may pave the way to success, but it's the people behind the solution, the service and the brand that truly make a company stand out among competitors. I am proud to lead a team of creative and dedicated individuals at Arcules as we seek to reinvent the security, IoT and business intelligence markets through the delivery of cloud-based integrated video services. Our goal? To create a safer, smarter world empowered by technology and people. Using the latest developments in cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning, Arcules, a Canon Group company, combines previously untapped video data with intelligent sensors and analytics to deliver actionable insights that ultimately drive better business decisions, optimize operations and improve safety. Arcules aims to set the standard for agility, security and analytics for video data in the cloud.

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Arcules is a Canon Group company that delivers a simple and unified video surveillance, access control, and analytics platform in the cloud. Using the latest developments in web technologies, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, Arcules combines previously untapped video and sensor analytics data to deliver actionable insights that ultimately drive better business decisions, optimize operations, and make the world a safer place.



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