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Ashleigh Vogstad

Founder & CEOTranscends Marketing

Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Driven by conscious connection, Ashleigh brings people together to scale vision and impact - through partnerships, shared values, and remote work culture. She founded channel agency Transcends Marketing on a passion for people and is a strong advocate for diversity in STEM careers. Transcends accelerates growth for B2B tech companies from startups to Fortune 500's like Microsoft, globally. Their campaigns have been featured in notable tech industry awards. Ashleigh actively supports the entrepreneurial business community with a position on Microsoft's Geo Expansion council and as a board member for Global Wellness Strategies, a fund for purpose-driven health brands. A lifelong humanitarian, Ashleigh once oversaw marketing and crisis management for His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, founded an agency dedicated to helping enterprise nonprofits fundraise, and was partner of a consciousness community hub, Zend Lounge.

Published content

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Top-down decision-making is out, and collaboration is in.

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To thrive in the new economic reality, independent software vendors should evolve from cloud marketplaces to cloud go-to-market.

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As the founder of a business-to-business marketing agency that generates the lifeblood of the sales development rep—their raison d’etre—let me tell you one scary truth marketers never admit: Leads are useless.

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While most tech giants have veered clear of flagship in-person events for the last few years, VMware took the plunge and hosted one of the first post-pandemic large-scale tech conferences in San Francisco.

14 strategies to build client community engagement 

expert panel

Here's how business leaders are getting customers to participate and connect on a regular basis. Launching a viable company is not only about developing a quality brand of products and services, it's also about building long-lasting relationships with loyal clientele. But how can a business owner gain initial attraction from potential customers and partners in the marketplace that will enable their early establishment to grow?   Whether it's an online chance to stack up on reward incentives, or an in-person special event featuring a CEO AMA, the customers are sure to appreciate every opportunity to rub shoulders with the company's representatives, share their feedback on an added value item, and much more. To offer leaders and their teams some additional ways to keep the conversations going, below are 14 Fast company Executive Board members to share tips on what's been working for them.

Here's how smaller brands engage in meaningful philanthropy

expert panel

Committing to a good cause doesn't need to break the bank. Although start-up business owners are oftentimes running their operations on a tight ship with a limited budget, that doesn't necessarily prevent them from giving back to the local or global community on a regular basis.  With their heart in the right place, leaders who are passionate about a worthy cause should research specific organizations that align with their company's core values and overall mission. Then, commit to involving their entire team in a company partnership–with at least one of those charities–that will truly make a better difference. Below, Fast Company Executive Board members provide 11 ideas to help early employers get creative about how to incorporate philanthropy with purpose in a cost-effective way.

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