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Ashleigh Vogstad

Founder & CEOTranscends

Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Driven by conscious connection, Ashleigh brings people together to scale vision and impact - through partnerships, shared values, and remote work culture. She founded channel agency Transcends on a passion for people and is a strong advocate for diversity in STEM careers. Transcends accelerates growth for B2B tech companies from startups to Fortune 500's like Microsoft, globally. Their campaigns have been featured in notable tech industry awards. Ashleigh actively supports the entrepreneurial business community with a position on Microsoft's Geo Expansion council and as a board member for Global Wellness Strategies, a fund for purpose-driven health brands. A lifelong humanitarian, Ashleigh once oversaw marketing and crisis management for His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, founded an agency dedicated to helping enterprise nonprofits fundraise, and was partner of a consciousness community hub, Zend Lounge.

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