Audrey Raby

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Audrey Raby

Co-Founder & CEO

Defiance Games

Montreal, Canada Area

I like uncharted territory and finding new ways of looking at complex problems. I am also into endurance running, plant-based food, system thinking, languages and physics.


  • Executive Leadership
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Business Intelligence


Defiance Games

Sitting at the intersection between DeFi and gaming, Defiance lowers the barrier to entry by offering ‘starter packs’ called sponsorships against a share of their in-game revenues. Unlike many investor-centered sweatshop models, Defiance focuses on the user experience by offering a low-risk approach for core gamers combined with compounding benefits and rewards over time. By carefully selecting a wide variety of games to match users’ profiles, we can provide relevant experiences at a lower cost. We believe the world is too diverse for a single winner to emerge. NLP, sentiment analysis, quantitative and qualitative data inform our investment decisions. As part of our due diligence process, we evaluate the GDD, metanomics, accessibility, business model, interoperability, team, financing, roadmap and community. Over time, we aim to offer the most diverse, relevant and resilient web3 gaming library for anyone to find their place in the metaverse. Our knowledge can be leveraged by anyone willing to participate in this new economy thanks to simplified portfolios. A protocol algorithmically manages assets by rapidly rebalancing positions based on our analyses. Assets and configurations are optimized to match specific investment goals.


  • Blockchain
  • Play to Earn Games
  • Gaming Sponsorships