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Avinash Tripathi

Vice President of AnalyticsUniversity of Phoenix

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Avinash is an analytics evangelist, educator, and speaker with over 20+ years of experience in higher education. He is passionate about using data to make a positive impact on the sector, and he is a well-respected thought leader in the field. He advocates for disruptive transformation to meet evolving industry needs using advanced analytics and real-time data, and he has a proven track record of turning around declining businesses. Avinash is highly respected for his expertise in data storytelling. He has provided guidance to top executives on the importance of incorporating data storytelling into analytics-driven initiatives, as well as the crucial role analysts play within data-focused organizations. He helped two of the largest online educational institutions in the world to establish a culture that prioritizes data-driven decision making. He aims to enhance his expertise in analytics and make a contribution to organizations that are open to pushing their limits through analytics as a vehicle for change. Avinash is a keynote speaker at conferences and events across industries, including education, and an active contributor of articles and insights through industry publications and blogs.

Published content

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Prioritizing student well-being in the age of enrollment growth


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University of Phoenix is one of the largest online universities in the world, offering undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and professional development programs. University of Phoenix has helped pioneer online education since launching online courses in 1989 and still innovating by reinventing the model of higher education for a changing world. University of Phoenix has more than 1 million alumni and is accredited by Higher Learning Commission.


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