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I am a senior Experience Transformation Leader and Chief Creative Officer with a passion for helping brands elevate their customer relationships and transform their customer experience through innovative combinations of technology and design. My global creative experience teams deliver Connected Commerce, Product Innovation, Service Design, Performance Marketing and Orchestrated Services to help our clients seize every competitive advantage digital can provide. Over my various executive roles, I have established a track record of building and motivating high-performance teams, driving business growth, elevating a company’s creative reputation, mentoring next generation talent, and piloting cutting-edge innovation. As an advocate for Lean Start-Up and Agile Design Thinking, I believe in the combined power of technology and design to transform people’s lives, create immense value for brands, and solve the world’s biggest problems.

Published content

13 ways thought leaders can grow their podcast following and create engaging content

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From podcast novice to professional, here's how to gain followers and create engaging content with the popular entertainment outlet. Now, more than ever, podcasts are at the forefront of entertainment. As a thought leader with a podcast, you may have wondered how to gain traction in the popular entertainment sphere without compromising your original purpose for the podcast. To assist in this journey, Fast Company Executive Board members provide tips for growing your podcast following and creating engaging, relevant content to make an impact. With these expert recommendations, you can captivate and grow your audience effectively without losing sight of your original goals.

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Business renovation 101: 10 steps to hiring a compatible contractor

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A study of dumb growth for smart companies: How to grow in a way you won't regret


Growth is good, but smart growth is far, far better.

12 ways leadership can contribute to their employees' growth 

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Investing in human capital is essential to competitive advantage in today's marketplace. One of the keys to building a successful company is hiring the right people. But, hiring the top talent will only take an organization so far if the leadership is not willing to support the education of high-performing employees who want to pursue the latest skills, invest in their personal growth, and apply their knowledge to the work they are doing every day on the job. If you want to invest in employee training and development, here are 12 strategies to consider when it comes to upskilling or reskilling your team, courtesy of Fast Company Executive Board members.

10 steps to completing a cost-effective, sustainable design project

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Think outside the box to save your team time and money, so they won't have to reinvent the wheel. It's always an exciting time when upper management green-lights a team to work on a new design project that, once completed, will have a positive impact on the company's staff and clients, and improve the organization's potential for sustainable growth over time.  But when it comes to resources, whether your funds are unlimited or you can't afford to overspend, there are smarter ways to consider how to complete the project without breaking the bank. Here, 10 experts from Fast Company Executive Board each share one tip to help design leaders and their teams repurpose existing structures or materials to reduce waste and promote a circular economy.

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We are a collection of problem solvers, artists, technologists, and passionate, creative minds. We are commerce, customer experience and performance marketing experts. There isn’t an inch of the digital commerce terrain we haven’t explored. For more than two decades, we’ve helped world-class organizations transform and grow their businesses. We bring together exceptional expertise, people passionate about commerce, and proven processes to create a boutique experience at enterprise scale. We are large enough to support multinational organizations and nimble enough to accelerate growth for small and mid-sized businesses.


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