Bethany Edwards

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Bethany Edwards

Co-founder and CEO

LIA Diagnostics, Inc.

Philadelphia Area

As a former creative turned technical founder and entrepreneur, Bethany has taken her idea for a discreet pregnancy test and made it a reality; engineering Lia: the only FDA cleared, flushable and 100% biodegradable pregnancy test – the first significant innovation in the industry in over 30 years.


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LIA Diagnostics, Inc.

LIA Diagnostics is redesigning pregnancy tests to address the challenges surrounding privacy, usability and sustainability in current pregnancy tests. Every day, many women take pregnancy tests. And while current tests are accurate, they can be difficult to use, making the experience awkward and stressful. They're also made from plastic, and occasionally electronics – all of which end up in the trash. This is not environmentally friendly nor does it protect women's privacy. Our flushable tests simultaneously solve privacy issues and curtail the 3 million pounds of un-recycled waste that end up in landfills each year. Additionally, LIA’s design addresses ergonomic challenges and reduces test interpretation confusion. LIA's diagnostics empower women with the knowledge they need to move forward.


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