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Business Model Innovation


erial Entrepreneur & a Seasoned Executive with 25 years of experience in Strategy, Sales & Business Development, GTM, New Market Expansions, Partner Initiatives, Product Strategy, Disruptive Products, Digital Solutions, and Customer success & for Start-Up & high-growth companies. Key expertise includes building ground-up & managing New Markets Expansion, Sales & Business Dev, GTM, Customer Success, Product Management & Strategy, Ecosystem strategy, and Corporate Strategy for start-ups & high-growth companies. Key Technology & Domain expertise includes HyperAutomation, RPA, Intelligent Automation, Bigdata Analytics, Relevance, Artificial Intelligence & Personalization technologies, Smart Personal Assistants, Bots, building Digital solutions in the areas of Digital Transformation, High-Performance Databases, SaaS / Cloud Integration, SOA & Middleware - and extensive experience working in Vertical Markets / Industries - Finserv, Payments, Telco, Industrial Manufacturing, Airlines, O&G, Retail, Gov.

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14 tips for strengthening brand identity and reputation

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Implement these strategies for start-up success. It's tough out there when you are trying to build brand recognition and rise above the noise. When you are just starting out in the marketplace as a business owner, how do you attract loyal clients and partnership deals? Below, 14 Fast Company Executive Board members discuss the most important factors in developing the brand identity that you want to be known for. Once your leadership team establishes that, it's essential that you continue to stand on the reputation that you want to build.

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Now is the time to: reflect and pivot boldly toward your continued career growth and success. It's natural to be anxious or overwhelmed about a recent setback that you or your company may be experiencing in today's fluctuating economy. However, once you assess where things went wrong, you must dust yourself off, and make any necessary improvements (from lessons learned) that will help you stay on track, and set you up to be ready for the brighter days ahead.   At some point in their career, everyone faces some type of hardship—whether it's overcoming a job loss or not making the deal stick with a highly regarded potential client. In times like these, it's even more important to stay connected with trusted mentors and colleagues as you reflect on ways to improve your brand (personal and professional). We asked 20 Fast Company Executive Board members to each share their tips to encourage business professionals not to panic or give up on their short- and long-term goals no matter what marketplace analysts are reporting.

What the intelligence revolution has in store for humankind


The Intelligence Revolution, powered by three AIs, will drive the future of work and completely disrupt the way enterprises conduct their business operations.

Business leaders share 13 tips to create a high-performing team

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Implementing these tips can help you ensure both company and employee success. When you are trying to build a successful business with credibility, hiring a reliable and capable power team is the first step to becoming a mainstay in the industry for the long term. Learning to engage with every team member, demonstrating that you are interested and invested in their contribution to the company's achievements over time, is also key to employee happiness and their willingness to stick around as they continue to develop and grow with the organization. Here are 13 other best practices from Fast Company Executive Board members to help employers find strong and competent employees that they can trust and depend on.

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Workato is the leading Enterprise Automation Platform. Workato enables both business and IT teams to integrate their apps and automate business workflows without compromising security and governance. It enables companies to drive real time outcomes from business events. There is no coding required, and the platform utilizes Machine Learning and patented technology to make the creation and implementation of automations 10X faster than traditional platforms.



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