Blair Cohen

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Blair Cohen

Founder, President & Chief Evangelist

AuthenticID, Inc.

Washington State

Blair Cohen is an identity-proofing expert and serial technology entrepreneur. As Founder & President of AuthenticID, Blair has been staying under the radar of fraudsters while guiding the development of AuthenticID’s groundbreaking technology.


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February 27th, 2023

Poor coding or inherent bias? Probing deeper into facial recognition technology

Technology security managers can help restore public confidence in biometrics by committing to an enhanced user experience, diverse data, privacy, transparency, and due diligence.

November 4th, 2022

Why identity verification should play a key role in digital transformation efforts

Enterprises undergoing a digital transformation can’t afford to overlook the importance of identity.

April 20th, 2022

Humans are incapable of effectively preventing identity fraud. Here's how AI can help

Fraudsters will always find an exploitable vulnerability in ID verification until predictability and human empathy are entirely disengaged from the process.


AuthenticID, Inc.

AuthenticID’s disruptive and cutting-edge, AI-driven solution quickly, accurately, and securely reproduces real-world identity verification so that companies can be assured of who they are conducting business with, strengthen underwriting, reduce the losses associated with fraud, and streamline onerous customer onboarding procedures, leading to higher conversion rates. This system uses cutting edge fused machine learning algorithms and AI leveraging neural networks and state-of-the-art computer vision to identify: If a photo and face don’t match If an ID is a fake If a name OR a face has been associated with suspicious activity AuthenticID’s 99%+ accuracy rate ranks it as a leader in quality of identity verification, while returning results in seconds so that customer onboarding can be streamlined and seamless, increasing conversion rates by double digit percentages with no increases in marketing spend. AuthenticID clients enjoy an average ROI of 1,000-to-1 and hundreds of millions of dollars in fraud loss savings per company.


  • Fraud Detection
  • Identity Management
  • Machine Learning