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Bonnie Davis is a Speaker, Executive Coach, Culture Consultant, Writer, and co-owner of HuWork. She partners with organizations, teams, and leaders to create more human-centric workplaces – where empathy and authenticity leads to productivity, profitability, and innovation. Bonnie doesn’t just talk about our ever-changing world of work – she creates ACTION. Through workshops, consulting projects and coaching, Bonnie’s work revitalizes culture, develops leaders, engages employees, and enables teams to work better together. Bonnie brings 20+ years of Fortune 500 Corporate experience, ranging from the world’s largest tech companies to non-profits, teaching at universities, owning her own business, speaking at conferences, writing for, and lots of volunteer work. Bonnie is also on the coaching and facilitation faculty for The Marcus Buckingham Company. Now that the world is more digital, more remote, more overloaded with change and complexity, more stressed, more focused on artificial intelligence... Bonnie helps make it all more human. Bonnie is a driven New Yorker who loves her life in Denver, Colorado with her husband and teenage children. Her mantra is: “Everything's better when it happens outdoors” (as long as it's not too strenuous).

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16 tips for coaching future leaders and nurturing their success

expert panel

Encouraging your team to be problem solvers is a better way to build trust and keep them engaged in the process. Unleashing your full potential as a leader begins with having the willingness to embrace your own humility and enable others to shine. Empowering others to find the right solutions when they are faced with business challenges is an essential part of delegating responsibilities and building stronger teams. When it comes to helping direct reports develop decision-making strategies at work,16 experts from Fast Company Executive Board agree that it is much better to "coach" people rather than "manage." This is how potential successful leaders continue to grow.

17 ways leaders without natural charisma can make a positive impact on employees

expert panel

Charisma can't always be taught, but leaders can still make a big impact without it. Not every impactful leader is a naturally charismatic "people-person." At its core, leadership is about connecting with and inspiring others, and this can be done through various approaches. Here, Fast Company Executive Board members explore how leaders can make a positive impact without forced charisma. If you’re a more reserved or introverted person, these helpful strategies can help you make a meaningful and positive impact on your team just by being yourself.

13 tips to build friendships while growing your professional network

expert panel

Apply these strategies to leave a lasting impression. Whether you are striving to expand your personal or professional network, it's essential to create and nurture relationships that are not transactional. This is because, nine times out of ten, the majority of people will typically engage with people they feel confident around, can trust, and truly relate to in and outside of the marketplace. Here, 13 Fast Company Executive Board members each share their strategy to help industry professionals utilize networking to drive their business or individual career objectives forward, tactfully and authentically.

How can employees advocate for themselves at work?

expert panel

Business leaders teach professionals 18 smart, practical ways to speak up and get ahead. Whether they're just starting out in their industry of choice or have been at it for several years, it's natural for career-minded, ambitious individuals to keep an eye on opportunities that could give them an edge in their professional lives.  But, in order to keep their skin in the game and gain the respect of their leaders and coworkers, it's essential for employees to first build trust in their capabilities if they want like-minded colleagues to buy into the contributions they are trying to make. To help you speak up about your concerns or ideas, 18 Fast Company Executive Board members share their best practices with other workers who wish to present their ideas and become a better advocate for themselves at their current place of business.

11 ways to boost your leadership EQ and gain employees' respect

expert panel

Apply these emotional intelligence strategies to improve your department and company work culture. According to a survey published by Statista Research Department, 52 percent of organizations have employed senior leaders based on their emotional intelligence (EQ) skills. The ability to gain the loyalty of the team you are trying to lead successfully often relies on your willingness to actively listen to the concerns and aspirations of your employees. It's only then that you'll be able to access your staff's support and strengthen the type of team morale that can move companies forward. To provide some practical examples of what this type of leadership approach looks like, experts from Fast Company Executive Board explain how elevating their EQ has helped them to enhance their team relationships for the better and made them more approachable and trustworthy—a leader that their direct reports can trust.

18 ways for introverts to communicate more effectively on the job

expert panel

Here are key strategies to grow in confidence and strengthen business relationships.  Contrary to popular belief, a successful, savvy business person is not necessarily always the biggest extrovert in the room. Improving your active listening skills and post-meeting communication strategies also play a part in capturing the attention of peers or direct reports regularly. This is key to building stronger team relationships.  By leaning into what makes them a little different from their outspoken counterparts, introverts are likely to have a positive impact in their place of business. If you're an introvert in the workplace and unsure about how to leverage your "superpower" as a reserved business professional who wants to get ahead, below, 18 experts from Fast Company Executive Board offer their tips on how to build your comfort level in engaging with others and being an effective communicator.

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HuWork is a women-owned business with global impact across Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Houston Endowment, Lululemon, and Atlassian. We know that human-centered organizations have stronger results. Through high-impact consulting, coaching, and facilitation, we help talented people be their best, and we help organizations be the place those people want to work.


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