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Founder of NextMapping a future of work consultancy. Future of work/change leadership expert. Author of 10 books including Super.Crucial.Human. Named #1 in future of work by Onalytica. Named in top ten future of work by GoCatalant. Faculty of ExecOnline. Clients include: Amazon, Salesforce, AstraZeneca, BMO, Upwork, and more. Thought leadership has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Inc, CNBC and other media.

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12 ways leadership can contribute to their employees' growth 

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Investing in human capital is essential to competitive advantage in today's marketplace. One of the keys to building a successful company is hiring the right people. But, hiring the top talent will only take an organization so far if the leadership is not willing to support the education of high-performing employees who want to pursue the latest skills, invest in their personal growth, and apply their knowledge to the work they are doing every day on the job. If you want to invest in employee training and development, here are 12 strategies to consider when it comes to upskilling or reskilling your team, courtesy of Fast Company Executive Board members.

12 certifications that are worth your time and investment

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What's your business specialty? Use this list as a starting point for growth, development, and long-term career success in design. As the current market continues to evolve and grow more complex, it's a benefit to have years of practical, on-the-job training on your resume. It's a bonus if you can also find the time to become certified in a niche industry or specialization in your specific field that will put you in the driver's seat when determining the direction you want to take in your career. Here, 12 experts from Fast Company Executive Board each suggest one certification that every aspiring design leader should consider to enhance their current and future business options in their field of choice.  

How to get ahead in the hybrid workplace: 10 strategies for success


In today's hybrid workplace, you have to be more intentional and willing to go the extra steps in order to gain the recognition and progress you wish to achieve.

Career fair strategies that will pique a job seeker's interest

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Having a hard time finding potential new hires? Here are 18 methods for you to try at your next event. In a picky job market, the right career fair at the right time can be a win-win situation for the potential employer and the job seeker alike. It can cost a company a lot of money, however, if they are not focused on the right candidates who can fill their company's needs—right now.  But hiring managers should not solely rely on resume history—or if a candidate meets all 10 "job requirements"—as it's also crucial for the recruiter to find the right cultural fit and a team player who can help a department and company thrive in the long term. If you are scheduled to attend a career fair or networking event in the coming weeks or months, below, Fast Company Executive Board members each share one tip for leaders who want to attract the right new hires to work with.

How do you produce your best work?

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Business leaders discuss which type of business atmosphere fuels their drive and creativity.  Since the COVID-19 pandemic began—and now in the new normal as it continues to be a part of our everyday lives—there has been plenty of debate between company leaders and their employees concerning return-to-work policies vs. hybrid or remote work.  However, it's not just about where you work best, sometimes it's also about how and when you are able to thrive the most and in certain situations. That doesn't necessarily correlate with the physical space. It can also have to do with the people you engage with on a daily basis, the trust (or distrust) you have in leadership, psychological safety, and the opportunities (or lack of) to take on new assignments with the encouragement and ability to advance your professional career. Below, 13 Fast Company Executive Board members weigh in on what types of work environments help them produce the best work and why they think that is. 

4 tips for finding inspiration in your workday


Four tips to transform your workday, ignite your inner fire, and lead you to a greater sense of meaning and success.

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Preparing everyone for a brighter future Our mission is to create a better world through business. NextMappingTM is our way. We are a team united by our commitment to guide people, teams and organizations towards a future that adds massive value to employees, clients and business outcomes. We do that by applying our unique NextMappingTM process to help organizations predict change and see the future now. We provide the tools, resources, insights and training to help our clients achieve a competitive advantage and breakthrough success.


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