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Founder of NextMapping a future of work consultancy. Future of work/change leadership expert. Author of 10 books including Super.Crucial.Human. Named #1 in future of work by Onalytica. Named in top ten future of work by GoCatalant. Faculty of ExecOnline. Clients include: Amazon, Salesforce, AstraZeneca, BMO, Upwork, and more. Thought leadership has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Inc, CNBC and other media.


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reparing everyone for a brighter future Our mission is to create a better world through business. NextMappingTM is our way. We are a team united by our commitment to guide people, teams and organizations towards a future that adds massive value to employees, clients and business outcomes. We do that by applying our unique NextMappingTM process to help organizations predict change and see the future now. We provide the tools, resources, insights and training to help our clients achieve a competitive advantage and breakthrough success.


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