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Christina Robbins, Digitech Systems’ Vice President of Communication Strategy and Marketing, is a cloud pioneer and long-standing leader in enterprise technology with a unique futurist vision and emphasis on data, storage, and cloud. Regularly quoted by document management analysts and a contributor and speaker in top workflow, imaging, storage, and content management media, Christina’s expertise covers an important blend of tech trends and predictions that have gained her notoriety in technology and business communities. Over her 18-year career at Digitech Systems, the first content management company in the cloud, she is responsible for the strategic positioning and thought leadership work for a company that supports ECM for some of the largest brands, enterprises, and municipalities in the world. She is a regular contributor to two BPO Media publications (Workflow OTG and The Imaging Channel) and contributes to multiple publications including DOCUMENT, Accounting Today, Information Week, CFO Daily News, Keypoint Intelligence, Tech Inside Out, and more. Furthermore, Christina’s predictions and trend commentaries have been recognized in the Document Imaging Report for the last 10 years. Christina is also a seasoned conference speaker having been featured at several different industry events. This includes being a general session speaker for the 2018 International Claims Association’s 109th Annual Education Conference, featured speaker roles at the fall and spring conferences for APP2P (Accounts Payable and Procure-to-Pay conference run by the Institute of Finance and Management, a multiple-time speaker at the ITEX Expo and Conference and more. She is accredited by the Institute of Finance and Management as an Accredited Payables Solution Consultant and by CompTIA as a Document Imaging Architect. Christina is also a member of the Business Agility Group (BAG) and its Consortium think tank of technology leaders and influencers. Christina is of the belief that those companies that are best able to gather, manage, and automate their data and processes will be best positioned to thrive in the years ahead. To do that, they need to be informed about data best practices so that execution can support operational efficiency and corporate growth. Among other areas of expertise, Christina leverages a deep understanding of both software product development and sales to bridge the gap between organizational effort and strong financial results. Areas with unique depth of insight: - Future Technology Trends - Content & Storage Best Practices & Advancements - Business Process Digitization & Automation - Organizational Leadership - The Evolving Office and Worker - Strategic Business Planning - VAR Channel Management - Sales Enablement - Product Management - Big Data Analysis & Management - Marketing Planning - Messaging & Brand Management - Neuromarketing

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Digitech Systems is the most trusted choice for intelligent information management and business process automation. Preferred by thousands of businesses worldwide from global conglomerates to Main Street, teams count on Digitech Systems to pave the path to more meaningful work by transforming how they handle digital files, processes, documents and more. Celebrated by industry analysts and insiders for creating the best enterprise content management and workflow solutions on the market, Digitech Systems has an unsurpassed legacy of accelerating business performance by streamlining digital processes for organizations of any size with the PaperVision® and ImageSilo® brands. For decades Digitech Systems’ technologies have kept their customers on the knowledge management leading edge. To learn more about Digitech Systems and their award-winning suite of information management, workflow, electronic forms, and robotic process automation technologies, visit



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