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David Crooch

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Ritual Beverage Company

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David Crooch is the Co-Founder & CEO of Ritual Beverage Company, America's leading non-alcoholic spirits brand, offering liquor alternatives that deliver the taste of gin, whiskey, tequila, and rum but without the alcohol or calories. Like non-dairy milks and plant-based meats before them, Ritual's products satisfy the growing demand for a familiar experience without the unwanted side effects. For the past twenty years, David’s interest and knowledge in fitness, health and wellness, and nutrition, paired with his passion for building and scaling businesses, has allowed him to successfully start up and lead businesses in the intersection of nutrition, health and innovation. In 2002, David started his entrepreneurial career when he founded Dynamic Biomechanics, a Chicago-based fitness, therapy, consulting, and educational company, and ran it for twelve years. Following this venture, David launched Crave Protein, an innovative and creative combination of protein powders, that mixed the benefits of real food with the convenience of supplements. David was also the Founder & CEO of Parks & Nash, a gluten-free, instant bone broth soup packed with collagen and vegetables that launched in over 4000 stores across the US in just 18 months. David is an active board member, advisor and investor across the ever growing and exhilarating CPG sector.


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Ritual Beverage Company

Zero Proof Spirit Alternatives. Mimicking the taste, flavor and sensation of traditional spirits, without the alcohol. #enjoytheritual #zeroproof


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