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David Fossas is a growth-stage leader with a record of driving revenue and advancement of companies from startup to maturity. As a consultant and executive, he has worked with over 35 brands, including General Motors, Verizon, HP, Inc., Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Visa, P&G, Clorox, CVS Caremark, Philips Health and Galderma. Currently, he serves as Chief Marketing Officer for Staccato—a fast growing outdoor lifestyle brand. Prior to Staccato, David was CMO for Restore Hyper Wellness®—the fastest growing retail wellness brand in the U.S. In his role, David led consumer experience, marketing communications and revenue operations to drive business growth and brand value, helping the business achieve a 118% 3-year CAGR. Prior to Restore, he led global brand for WP Engine, helping define its corporate, product and brand strategy and grow revenues at a 27% CAGR. David held various leadership positions at the high-growth communications agency, Real Chemistry, and directly contributed over 25% of Real Chemistry’s new business and top-line growth. Prior to Real Chemistry, David served as Director of Emerging Platforms and Distribution at Big Fuel, developing content and influencer marketing practices for GM brands—many of which are now common industry practice. For six years David held business development and corporate development roles at International Creative Management, Endeavor, and Intrepid Pictures. David’s marketing team at Restore won The Stevie Award for Marketing Department of the Year in 2023. David was named in the Future Leader Awards in Wellness in 2023, named an Entrepreneur CMO Chamechanger in 2022 and’s 40 Under 40 marketing leaders in 2018. He serves on the advisory board for the St. Edward’s University Master of Science in Digital Marketing and Analytics. David is also a contributing author for Contemporary Issues in Digital Marketing: New Paradigms, Perspectives, and Practices published by Libri Publishing Limited in 2018.

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16 ways to recover, regroup, and reset business objectives and goals

expert panel

Here's what to do when the best-laid business plans of leadership and teams suddenly go awry.  For many business leaders and their teams, the month of August is an essential time for them to assess how the first half of the year went. Are the current strategies that they have in place really working? It's also a time to set (or reset) their goals and objectives for the upcoming year.  Keeping all that in mind, sometimes plans, unfortunately, fall by the wayside or may require some unexpected tweaking depending on external factors like market conditions, customer needs, or technological innovation. That's why it's important to remain flexible and have an open mind about how to pivot correctly when necessary, considering the current situation of your department or organization. Here, 16 Fast Company Executive Board members offer their solutions to help other business leaders and teams stay focused even when their initial plans begin to get sidetracked or fail altogether.

Have you found your true calling in life yet? 

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Here are 15 strategies to get you on the right path if you are still searching for personal and career fulfillment. When you're just starting out in a career of any sort, it's not unusual to—at times—feel worried or uncertain about your current path. How do you know if you are making the right decision about where you're committing your valuable time and energy in the workforce? Are you genuinely happy—at least for right now?  Being honest with yourself (and others) about your end goals is something to be proud of, and it's also a step in the right direction. Sometimes it's beneficial to experiment with different opportunities—even ones that turn out to be the wrong fit. To offer some further guidance, 15 Fast Company Executive Board members share additional ideas to find clarity as you begin to figure out where you want to see yourself five, ten, or even 20 years from now. In the meantime, proactively devote your best self to whatever it is you are currently doing now, while you're searching. You never know what your diligence in the task at hand may lead to down the road. It's all part of the journey.

11 leaders share their definition of what it means to be successful

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Are you there yet? If not, how do you plan to get there? In the business world (and in personal life), success often means different things to different people. For some, it may mean being able to consistently reach your short- or long-term goals for the future you have in mind. For others, it's all about being content and happy in the moment—no matter what life throws at you.  In some cases, maintaining a solid work-life balance first and foremost is what truly matters, or being able to sleep peacefully at night knowing that their financial house is in order. Below, 11 Fast Company Executive Board members describe what success looks like for them and advise how you can achieve your own successful life.

10 strategies to decide if a business trend is really worth it

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Do your homework before you dive in. It's easy to get caught up in buzzwords and jump on the bandwagon when a trend has gone viral. However, in the business world, it's typically a smarter move if company leaders and teams tread the waters lightly to gauge customer sentiment and observe how other influences are leading the way in their approach. One way or the other, only time will tell which direction a popular fad may take as a fleeting trend or long-lasting opportunity—so it's best to err on the side of caution and learn from others' mistakes before you commit to a growing movement too quickly.  Below, 10 Fast Company Executive Board members share their tips on the best way to gauge whether or not a business trend is worth putting into motion.

Demand generation and brand management: Two sides of the same coin


Demand generation and brand management are two sides of the same coin and drive the most ROI when integrated.

15 ways smaller brands can infuse philanthropy with their mission

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Try these simple ideas to build the right community partnerships that make a difference. When you're a small business owner just starting out in the marketplace, one way to expand your reach and build stronger, authentic community relationships is by paying it forward to others who are in need.  There are plenty of creative ways to get started if you begin to think outside of the box to develop a relatable tie-in that also builds on the company's mission and credibility. Below are 15 experts from Fast Company Executive Board to share their tips.

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