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President/Founder of Affygility Solutions, where I have organically grown a company from zero clients to a company that has over 800 active clients in 70+ countries. Have traveled to over 30 countries visiting clients and employees.

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14 best practices for the jet-set entrepreneurship life

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Apply these travel strategies to get the most out of your business experience on each trip. If you're a business owner who is always on the road, securing the next deal and connecting with potential new customers, it can be draining on your body and mind if you're not planning more efficiently and taking care of yourself on the go. That's why Fast Company Executive Board members are sharing their top 14 travel hacks to help other leaders find a better approach to building success in their businesses domestically and abroad.

14 steps to elevate business content and improve conversion rates

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Here's how to write winning word copy that encourages a call to action. Creating compelling content is a lot easier if you're already developing quality products and services.  Standing confidently in what your brand represents and delivering an authentic copy message backed up by tangible results will make a difference to your target customer.  To engage your audience even further through a broader range of platforms, it's beneficial to speak directly to their needs and provide them with the expert information they are seeking to overcome business challenges and improve their client success rates. If you dread the copywriting aspects of your business, 14 Fast Company Executive Board members are here to help you get started, whether you're writing content for your website, social media platforms, email marketing, or advertising.

12 tips to strengthen cross company communication 

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Implement these methods to distribute newsworthy information, solidify manager-team engagement, and build a culture of trust. When you're responsible for leading a company, whether small or large, it's necessary to find a cohesive way to deliver the internal high points and low points through effective communications, and timing is everything to maintain employee loyalty.  In addition, leaders should learn to utilize multiple platforms for their staff members to engage in, based on their comfort level, once they receive the information. This approach enables managers to separate news that is "nice to know" from the "absolutely must know" right now. Below, 12 experts from Fast Company Executive Board share their best practices to prevent executives from missing the moment.

Here's how business teams can reach goals and condense work hours 

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13 techniques to maintain productivity and work-life balance. While everyone on the planet is dealt the same 24 hours to get things done, it can still be tricky at times to find the right work-life balance habits. Measuring the minutes and hours spent on a daily activity is one way to evaluate how to reduce typical workweek hours and delegate some of the workload. When it comes to setting up boundaries so you can focus on the areas that really need your attention and talent, no one is better suited to protect (and respect) your time but you. In the end, this approach will lead you on the path of professional and personal growth. To transform a 60-hour workweek to 30 to 40 hours, try these tried and true techniques from 13 Fast Company Executive Board members.

13 reasons business leaders are ready to resume in-person networking

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Leaders (and their teams) can see significant benefits from participating in industry social settings. In its earliest stages, the Covid-19 global pandemic forced business leaders everywhere to put domestic and international travel plans on hold and cancel their annual in-person conferences until further notice. As creative virtual teams came to the rescue with alternative solutions that went off without a hitch, on-site events eventually returned, slowly, in the process. Although some executives may be hesitant about re-engaging—even after a few years, others are excited about their upcoming speaking engagements or networking prospects alongside longtime industry friends and peers they have missed. Whether it's sharing industry knowledge with the next generation of leaders, landing a feature interview for publication, or identifying a future potential business partner, the following Fast Company Executive Board members below are here to support their reasons for returning to the main stage as a guest panelist and how being back in the building is impacting their continued career growth.

Why saying 'no' can strengthen a business relationship

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Maintaining a professional and positive tone, in your response to a colleague's request, can strengthen your business relationship and build common ground. One of the most difficult skills, for some business leaders and their colleagues, is mastering the art of saying "no." This is especially true for those who are just starting out in the industry, trying to become well-established in their professions. On the other hand, saying "yes" to every single project or event that requires your full engagement and bandwidth, can be just as detrimental to your career path if it doesn't align with your business priorities and immediate goals. So don't fall into the trap of being sidetracked.  No matter where you are on the employment hierarchy at your present company and beyond, experts from Fast Company Executive Board agree that turning down a request—from anyone at any level—is appropriate at times in the workplace, especially if you are trying to move ahead on the projects that currently matter most and maintain a good work-life balance.

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For over 20 years, Affygility Solutions has been providing occupational health and safety consulting services to pharmaceutical manufacturing clients in over 70 countries. For the past 10+ years we have been 100% remote and have employees in the USA, Canada, UAE, Brazil, and Singapore.



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