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Dr. Camille Preston is a business psychologist and recognized thought leader on virtual effectiveness. She partners with leaders and teams to help them achieve greater impact and higher returns in today’s rapidly evolving workplace. Camille has spent over two decades cultivating the leadership capacities of executives across industries and around the globe. She founded AIM Leadership because she believes we all have the potential to achieve more, be more efficient, and experience greater well-being and fulfillment on the job and in life. As a trusted advisor, Camille works with executives to develop their capacity to deliver exceptional results by discovering new perspectives, overcoming obstacles, and sharpening their leadership skills. Camille is also a sought-after facilitator with experience working with on-site and distributed teams and organizations in the private and nonprofit sectors. Teams and organizations that work with Camille build the trust, transparency, systems, and bandwidth needed to work together more effectively and with more impact. Coaching • Managing bandwidth, time, and energy • Priority setting • Developing executive presence Evolving executive decision making Leadership Training • Optimizing performance • Building trust and cohesion to share and solve problems on teams • Promoting virtual agility and effectiveness Assessments • 360s • Priority Mapping Assessments You can learn more about Camille’s insights in her books, Create More Flow and Rewired, and regular columns on Forbes and Psychology Today.

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Navigating leadership with emotional intelligence: The transformative power of presence, stillness, and choice


Beyond the trendy leadership buzzword, emotional intelligence (EQ) can be a profound, life-long, internal journey. Here's why that's so important for leaders.

5 empathetic ways for leaders to organize layoffs

expert panel

In times of economic uncertainty or organizational restructuring, tough decisions like layoffs can be unavoidable. However, how these decisions are executed can have profound implications not only for the individuals directly affected but also for the morale, culture, and long-term success of the company. Any leader who is wrestling with a layoff decision has likely been sitting with that and preparing for months. For everyone else, on the other hand, it will be news — and a shock. This is where empathy, often regarded as a soft skill, emerges as a critical quality for business leaders to embody during such challenging times. It's important to give time for teams to understand, process and heal. To help leaders going through a reduction in workforce, I ask members of Company Culture Group, a community I lead through Fast Company Executive Board, how leaders can organize layoffs with empathy.

How can employees advocate for themselves at work?

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Business leaders teach professionals 18 smart, practical ways to speak up and get ahead. Whether they're just starting out in their industry of choice or have been at it for several years, it's natural for career-minded, ambitious individuals to keep an eye on opportunities that could give them an edge in their professional lives.  But, in order to keep their skin in the game and gain the respect of their leaders and coworkers, it's essential for employees to first build trust in their capabilities if they want like-minded colleagues to buy into the contributions they are trying to make. To help you speak up about your concerns or ideas, 18 Fast Company Executive Board members share their best practices with other workers who wish to present their ideas and become a better advocate for themselves at their current place of business.

Navigating the executive skies: A strategic journey to overcome "airsickness"


Here are three steps business leaders can take to overcome the overwhelm and find smoother skies. 

Are you thinking about launching your own business?

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19 factors for employees to keep in mind before they leave their day jobs for entrepreneurship.  If you've always wanted to launch your own business and you're thinking that now is the time, slow down a bit to ensure you're making the right moves that will put you strategically ahead in the long run when it comes to laying out your future company's success and where you see yourself and team years from now.  In today's volatile marketplace, nothing is secure, and when you've been working at a corporation for a long time, you've gotten used to receiving certain perks and a support system that will disappear once you're out on your own. That's why conditioning a new mindset is just as important as getting your financial house in order before you jump ship. Here, 19 experts from Fast Company Executive Board each offer their advice to help leaders who've decided to fly solo anyhow and make a better transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship without missing a beat.

13 ways small businesses can work smarter to build brand loyalty

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Smaller brands have more leverage than they realize. It's time to tap into it. It may seem like an uphill battle when you are just starting out in business, underfunded and/or understaffed. But the good news is that, as a small business, your company doesn't have to feel pressured to keep up with the big guys in the market. Instead, reflect on the benefits of your company's flexibility to cultivate a more meaningful niche that will meet the needs of consumers who are being overlooked in the industry you intend to serve. Here, experts from Fast Company Executive Board weigh in on the various ways that smaller businesses can still compete against big ones without having a mega-corporate budget.

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AIM Leadership is a leadership development and coaching firm dedicated to improving individual, team, and organizational effectiveness by developing leadership capabilities from the inside out. Through a host of services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients–including coaching, training, retreats, workshops, and more–AIM helps individuals and organizations reach their full capacity and achieve unprecedented results, both personally and professionally. At AIM, we help transform the whole person, so you can develop the skills to lead better and live better. Through our services, you will: Develop authentic, purposeful, principled leadership skills. Learn to leverage your strengths, personal values, and individuality. Learn to navigate change with success. Learn to anticipate and address challenges proactively. Create more holistic, sustainable business and lifestyle solutions. Establish lasting practices for success. AIM Leadership. Building better leaders. Building better people.


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