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Critical thinker in and out of the blurred lines of small business executive and life. Always trying to ask thoughtful questions and seeking out the answers with creative, and collaborative research, conversations through available resources. Lean into learning and listening, reading about what you do not know and sharing positive expertise whenever possible. Passionate sports fan, I like to think of sports as the greatest unscripted live entertainment drama whether it is watching your own kids' game all the way up to professional.

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Thinking about launching a newsletter? Answer these 20 questions

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If you're thinking about creating a content resource to serve clients and customers better, consider the following points before you move forward. Whether you are building a new brand or trying to elevate the image of a mainstay product or service that has been around for years, publishing a regular newsletter can be a great way to keep clients and customers informed and excited about what your business is working on next. However, running a high-quality newsletter alongside the daily operations of a well-oiled corporation or small business is not as easy as it sounds. Before you decide to take on any additional responsibilities or add more to your team’s plate, 20 members from Fast Company Executive Board are here to offer their take on what it means to make this type of commitment to potential audience members and the staff they’ll be expecting to lean on.

Launching a podcast? Here are 13 factors for leaders to consider

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It starts with the right topic and a diverse group of thought leaders. The uptick in on-demand podcasts continues to attract a diverse group of audience members and spans all industries. Therefore, it's important for business leaders, who are interested in launching a brand-related or independent digital listening series to develop a smart, niche concept and then bring in the right guests. To give the people what they want through added value content, it's not a bad idea to test the waters first to ensure you are on the right track with potential clients and customers.  Below are 13 tips Fast Company Executive Board members want other leaders to consider if they are thinking about expanding their company's brand awareness through the development of a podcast series.

13 tips to stay level-headed in the world of business

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Be calm and professional in the workplace, so you can lead your employees by example. When you are dealing with team dynamics and diverse perspectives in the workplace environment, there are bound to be occasions when team leaders or co-workers disagree over the projected plans on an assignment or a decision that was made. In these cases, it's best for everyone involved to put the conversation on pause so they can take time to reflect on what's happening and refrain themselves from overreacting on the spot. Here are 13 suggestions from Fast Company Executive Board members to help agitated colleagues focus on the business at hand without losing their cool.

6 tips to help company leaders comply with the IRS

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Make sure your organization is ready when Uncle Sam comes knocking.  When your company has an appointment with the IRS, it can be very intimidating and something you should never take lightly. Therefore, it's a smart idea to connect with a tax attorney to obtain the proper guidance on how best to prepare.  In the meantime, six Fast Company Executive Board members share their best practices for how to handle an IRS audit or investigation. 

Here's how business owners can address critical customer concerns

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Clients and customers are the lifeblood of company growth, so be willing to resolve differences amicably and meet them where they're at. In the business environment, it's impossible to please everyone all of the time. But when it comes to satisfying and dealing with your own clients and customers, they're always a way to come up with a practical solution to serve the best interest of each party. Being an active listener, who is able to keep calm and professional, no matter what customer challenge they are facing, will move the conversation forward in a positive direction and potentially help salvage the relationship.  Below, 14 Fast Company Executive Board members are sharing their best solutions to make disgruntled clients feel valued and increase satisfaction rates.

Nervous about public speaking? 15 steps to prepare confidently

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Apply these strategies to cover your points and connect with the audience.  If you're feeling a bit anxious about how to deliver your best presentation to a tough audience, preparing for the event ahead of time is the easiest way to calm your mind. You'll want to first gain an understanding of what the program agenda is, and then figure out what you want to say. Providing real-world examples make some of the most effective narratives, so figure out which points to cover in your story, write it out, and begin reviewing it on your own or amongst your network of colleagues. The more you practice, the more familiar and comfortable you become with the materials you plan to share with your audience. To get you motivated and help you stay in the zone, below, 15 Fast Company Executive Board members are providing their best practices for leaders to project their knowledge and become the go-to reliable source.

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NuVoodoo is a leading research, marketing & digital agency with extensive experience across a variety of industries and verticals. We are a nimble data driven agency offering research, marketing and digital services in combination or a la carte. NuVoodoo has the ability to design, run, analyze and deliver both national and market specific qualitative & quantitative research. Our actionable data intelligence can be embedded into managed digital marketing campaigns as part of our suite of services. We also offer digital services including web/app development, design and hosting services.


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