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As Founder and CEO at Red Banyan, Evan brings high-level experience in public relations, crisis management, marketing, online media, international relations and public affairs. Throughout his career, he has provided strategic communications counsel to top business leaders, government officials and presidential candidates, and private individuals.

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14 ways to help teams reach their quarterly goals

expert panel

It takes team effort and accountability to cross the finish line together. Setting quarterly goals is necessary to get your company over the finish line year after year, but what's the point of setting goals if you lose track of those objectives? Developing a strategy and check-in process that holds everyone accountable is essential to keep your team on the same page and ensure they have the resources they need to perform their specific responsibilities. To help managers and their employees forge a better path for moving the business ahead, 14 Fast Company Executive Board members each offer a strategy that has helped them obtain the results they were looking for and why it can work for your team as well. 

Why AI will make communication skills even more vital


AI results will be only as good as the human direction that is provided to both AI generative and language models.


Banning AI is a short-term fix that is neither sustainable nor logical. It is a brave new world and there is no going back.

Why integrating AI into business is integral


AI’s ability to automate rote tasks can streamline many day-to-day business processes. The results can be lucrative and time saving, according to recent studies.

Are you confident or concerned about the future of AI in business?

expert panel

11 considerations to keep in mind as leaders reimagine their company's automotive strategies and mission to improve workflow processes and operations. As a business owner or leader, what are your biggest concerns about the future of AI and its impact on your industry? With the evolution of automation and machine learning tools becoming more and more powerful, many company professionals have voiced their opinions over the past several years—some in favor and some opposed.  There is also a fear of being left behind before it's too late. Below, 11 thought leaders from Fast Company Executive Board point out several factors that every leader should consider. They also weigh in on maintaining a better balance between the use of formulaic AI data and the human touch to monitor and inform the right decision-making process to enhance an organization's brand awareness through its consistent, authentic messaging.

AI’s looming potential for a crisis


The evolution of AI is bringing about many challenges, so it is important to have a crisis management plan should a problem arise for you, your employees, or your brand.

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Red Banyan is a strategic communications firm with offices in Florida, Atlanta and Washington, D.C. specializing in public relations, crisis management/ crisis communications, social media, and marketing. Red Banyan combines creative thinking, steady judgment shaped by experience and a relentless commitment to achieving results for its clients.


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