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Gayatri Keskar

Global Packaging Material Science LeaderKenvue, Inc.

New York, NY

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Product Development


Dr. Gayatri Keskar is a material strategy, innovation, and sustainability leader with expertise in consumer products and packaging and a track record of fostering cross-industry, cross-segment collaborations to meet business and environmental goals. As the Global Packaging Material Science Leader at Kenvue, she empowers packaging designers and developers to adopt a science-backed, systems-oriented, and human-centered design approach to create inclusive and delightful product experiences for meaningful everyday care. Whether working with a global brand or a startup, Dr. Keskar strives to build people and planet-first ecosystems through authentic storytelling and strategic partnerships along the value chains. As a thought leader in material-minded design, she is committed to making a difference by equipping companies with the most effective sustainable practices from conception to production by leveraging strategic resource management and cross-industry insights. She holds numerous patents in next-generation materials for smart technologies and consumer products. Her passion for purpose-driven innovation and circular economy principles have made her a sought-after speaker and expert consultant for start-ups and Fortune 100/500 companies like NBCUniversal, Nike, Microsoft, Ford, Hunter Douglas, and Estée Lauder, among others.

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