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Glo Gordon has been the chief executive officer of MATRIXX Software since January 2020. She is an accomplished leader with deep experience and expertise in technology management and sales. She has served on MATRIXX Software’s Board of Directors since 2018. Prior to her work at MATRIXX, Gordon served as regional sales manager at PeopleSoft, where she served as Group Vice President of Worldwide Sales for the company’s Communications Global Business Unit, before the company was purchased by Oracle in 2006. She subsequently worked as chief revenue officer (CRO) at Jasper, the industry’s leading IoT service platform, where she drove hyper growth in delivering IoT solutions to service providers and enterprises worldwide, before the company was acquired by Cisco for $1.4 billion. After the acquisition, Gordon served as global sales leader for Cisco’s Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions and Services before becoming CRO for Uptake, an industry leader in industrial artificial intelligence and IoT. An active mentor and role model, Gordon is committed to fostering success for women in tech. She regularly holds leadership positions in industry groups that promote knowledge sharing, skills development and opportunities to improve inclusion of women across organizations. She frequently lends time and support to women who have been out of the workforce and are looking to transition back to employment, as well as to the Pacific Singers Foundation (a non-profit dedicated to getting arts education back into schools.) Gordon is also an active Alzheimer’s Association volunteer, and is currently building a non-profit foundation to fund cutting-edge Alzheimer’s research. Gordon’s commitment to philanthropy extends to environmental and animal welfare projects as well. A passionate pet-lover, Gordon is a staunch supporter of the ASPCA, XERCES Society (Save the Bees), the US Humane Society, and LEAD with Horses, an equine therapy organization. Gordon is a resident of Incline Village at Lake Tahoe, and supports the Tahoe Fund, whose mission is to provide significant private funding for environmental projects around the Lake Tahoe Basin, with an emphasis on forest health, lake clarity, sustainable recreation, transportation and stewardship. In addition to her role at MATRIXX, Gordon is a board member at publicly-traded Australian software-based elastic connectivity provider Megaport, where she works to advance the company’s DEI initiatives. Gordon is a member of and frequent contributor to the Fast Company Executive Board, and was named Executive of the Year: Telecom in 2022 by Stevie® Women in Business.

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Silicon Valley-based MATRIXX Software delivers a cloud-native monetization solution that powers many of the world’s leading communications companies, IoT players and emerging network service providers. MATRIXX provides a 5G ready, no-code platform that enables companies to transform how they package, price and deliver network-based products including emerging digital services such as augmented reality and Industrial machine to machine communications. By empowering service providers to rapidly develop, deploy and monetize new products and services MATRIXX unlocks new revenue streams enabled by digitization, cloud and 5G networks. MATRIXX has received numerous industry awards for its work with customers across the globe. To learn more, visit: