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I'm an entrepreneur + empath with media roots who believes innovation should always serve our most human needs- the next frontier is the intersection of technology and our emotions 💫 Through my time in media and tech I've become a Gen Z expert and focus my time on building solutions for this generation's mental health and wellness needs. Right now I'm busy building a new tech category, called emotional media 💙 not social media, with my company Blue Fever- a non-toxic community app for the expression & support of Gen Z’s most authentic self. I co-founded BF to create the big sister support I always wanted but never had growing up. 👯‍♀️ Blue Fever is backed by amazing investors like Amazon, Bumble, Blue Run Ventures and more 🤩


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Blue Fever

Blue Fever envisions a world where empathetic technology can help you discover your self-identity by connecting you to people and experiences that are supportive of your emotional journey. By creating dynamic digital products that increase belonging, build resilience, reduce overwhelm and evolve with user needs, we are redefining what it means to be “together” online.


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