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Heather Jerrehian


Hitch Works, Inc. (Acquired by ServiceNow)

San Francisco Bay Area

Award-winning entrepreneurial leader and turnaround expert with key executive roles as a startup founder, CEO, COO, CFO, and VP/GM for Fortune 500, enterprises, and startups with extensive software, consumer, and technology expertise. Global business builder recognized for cultivating key strategic partnerships, accelerating sales through robust GTM strategies, maximizing distribution channels (B2B + B2C + B2B2C), and demonstrating the operational acumen to architect systems and infrastructure to support large-scale organizations. Full 360-degree knowledge of SaaS, marketplaces, e-commerce, retail, wholesale, and manufacturing across multiple consumer categories including hardware, electronics, clothing, accessories, and food – as well as technology expertise using AI + ML across HRTech, EdTech, AgTech, and FashionTech. Known for the ability to identify trends and quickly capitalize on growth opportunities, having a consistent record of building multi-million-dollar businesses ($0 to $75M) and driving triple-digit increases while maintaining financial controls for profitability, and the extraordinary people leadership skills to enable the impossible. Specialties: • Startup, Entrepreneurial Organizations • Fundraising Seed To Growth Capital • Business and Strategic Planning • Financial Modeling, Analysis, Forecasting • Sales, Business Development • Strategic Partnerships, Team Building • Brand Development, Go-To-Market Strategy, Product Launch • Product Design and Development • Domestic / International Sourcing and Production


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Hitch Works, Inc. (Acquired by ServiceNow)

Hitch is a cloud-based skills intelligence and internal talent mobility platform that helps companies become more inclusive, adaptive, and innovative by connecting the right talent with the right tasks based on skills, experiences and career aspirations. Its proprietary AI-powered solution enables upskilling and reskilling, dynamic teaming, democratized career development, and fosters a culture of learning and growth while accelerating productivity and performance. Learn more about the company at https://hitch.works. Here’s a video about what we do: https://youtu.be/3GPKIMItgEA


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