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Isaiah Steinfeld

GM, Global Head of Startup Acquisition & ExperienceAmazon Web Services (AWS)

Portland, OR

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Isaiah Steinfeld is a respected and experienced digital product executive with a strong track record of success in both the startup and corporate innovation sectors globally. With over 15+ years in the tech industry, Steinfeld has built a reputation for driving transformative growth and innovation through the development and scaling of disruptive products, programs, and businesses for notable companies such as Nike, Intuit, and Lyft, among others. Inside Amazon at AWS Startups, Steinfeld serves as the head of the ACE organization, where he leads the global strategy and integration for a diverse portfolio of digital products/platforms, innovative programs (e.g. AWS Activate), startup investments, and services. ACE is hyper-focused on continuous innovation and adaptability to the evolving startup ecosystem. By providing startups with the necessary tools, content, technical guidance, and support, ACE empowers startups to unlock success and scale along their journey from concept to IPO/exit with AWS. Isaiah is also a member of the national board of directors for AIGA, where Steinfeld is a vocal advocate for the value and impact of design across all disciplines. He is also a mentor, advisor, and investor for various startups, funds, and early-stage accelerators, focused on early and growth-stage companies in the software and emerging tech space. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Steinfeld is a highly sought-after speaker and writer on innovation, design, and technology. His thought leadership and pioneering spirit have made him a respected figure in both tech and design industries. Alongside his professional duties, Steinfeld is a devoted husband and father of two girls, which helps him stay grounded and motivated to work towards a more equitable and sustainable future.

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