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Jake is Global Chief Innovation Officer and a Partner at digital consulting firm Credera, where he is responsible for the firm's innovation services. His work focuses on innovation strategy, product strategy, new products and services, and business model innovation. Prior to joining Credera, Jake was a product manager at Zynga, where he worked on new game development. Previously, he worked at Google with the Online Operations, People Operations, and Google Apps teams. In addition, Jake has led early-stage startups and worked as an independent web designer. He graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Arts, with Honors, and earned an MBA with Distinction from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Outside the office, Jake can be found spending time with his wife and three children.

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Credera is a global boutique consulting firm focused on strategy, innovation, data, and technology with approximately 5,000 consultants around the globe who daily live out our mission to make an extraordinary impact on our clients, people, and communities. We work with market leaders across sectors including McDonald's, Google, Lilly, Mercedes-Benz, Southwest Airlines, Pfizer, Mars, HBO, and ExxonMobil. We are fortunate to have been named a Forbes Best Management Consulting Firm, a Financial Times Leading Management Consultant, a Fortune Best Place to Work, and a Forrester Digital Transformation Leader. Find more information at



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