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Jennifer Lee

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I am passionate about building and leading great teams. I have deep experience in the contact center industry, starting as a customer service representative years ago, then learning and growing through a variety of leadership roles and functions.


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June 2nd, 2023

Teaching our daughters bravery and resilience: A pathway to leadership

Bravery, the linchpin of success, is cultivated in boys but disregarded in girls. Let's change that.

February 17th, 2023

13 tips to stay level-headed in the world of business

Be calm and professional in the workplace, so you can lead your employees by example.

January 17th, 2023

A new, more balanced approach to managing your priorities in 2023

There can only be one “top” priority.



Intradiem provides Intelligent Automation Solutions for customer service teams. This real-time automation unlocks the value of your center data to maximize productivity, engagement, and customer experience. Our patented AI-powered technology processes the massive amounts of data generated by your center - in real-time - and takes immediate action to support staff working in the center or remotely - every minute of every day. This intelligent technology has been built on the management best practices of dozens of the world’s leading brands, and it continues to become more powerful every day. The result for customers is increased productivity and a guaranteed return on investment, with typically a 2x payback in year one and a 3-5x return in subsequent years. We are powering over 1 billion automated actions annually and have saved our customers over $100 million in annualized savings, all while improving employee engagement and the end-customer experience.


  • Advanced Intraday Automation
  • Contact Center Automation
  • Real-Time Automation