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Jens Erik Gould

Founder & CEOAmalga Group

Austin, TX

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Jens Erik Gould serves as the Founder & CEO of Amalga Group, an innovative Texas-based company specializing in nearshore outsourcing for IT, software engineering, and contact center staffing. His relentless commitment to providing effective staffing solutions, supported by a skilled team from Latin America, enables U.S. businesses to augment their staff with top-tier talent and enhance operational efficiency while upholding the highest standards of quality. Prior to his role at Amalga Group, Gould applied his talents in the private equity industry, contributing to firms like Apollo Global Management, as well as running digital marketing campaigns for financial companies such as Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse. Additionally, he was a successful business, politics, and energy journalist, contributing for over a decade to renowned media outlets such as Bloomberg News, The New York Times, and TIME Magazine. His career commenced with in-depth coverage of Hugo Chavez and the Venezuelan oil industry, evolving into a correspondent position in Mexico City. Noteworthy achievements in journalism, including two grants from the Pulitzer Center, highlight Gould's expertise. Characterized by a steadfast commitment to excellence and inventive solutions, Gould continues to exemplify his dedication to fostering positive impacts on both organizations and communities.

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What is nearshoring? A strategic shift in global talent management


Nearshoring represents a strategic shift in global talent management. It offers a unique balance of proximity, cost-effectiveness, and operational efficiency. 

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Amalga Group

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Based in Texas, Amalga Group emerges as a leading nearshore outsourcing powerhouse, specializing in providing cost-effective and highly skilled talent in IT, software engineering, and customer service. Their innovative on-demand talent model allows clients to swiftly address hiring needs and effortlessly scale their workforce, offering the flexibility required to navigate the complexities of today's business environment. With a diverse team sourced from Latin America, Amalga Group collaborates with U.S. enterprises in healthcare, technology, and other sectors, not only augmenting staff with top-tier talent but also optimizing operational costs. Supported by seasoned professionals, Amalga Group offers strategic services that cater to clients of all sizes, facilitating enduring transformations and measurable growth. Their expertise spans software engineering roles, including frontend and backend developers, fullstack developers, and mobile developers, as well as comprehensive IT and data/cloud computing services. Additionally, their proficiency extends to crafting accent-neutral contact center and customer service teams, ensuring excellence in roles ranging from customer service representatives to healthcare staffing, covering registered nurses, data entry specialists, and more. With a commitment to world-class talent and versatile solutions, Amalga Group stands as a dynamic partner in shaping the success of businesses across diverse industries.