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Jimmie Lee is a trailblazer in the tech industry, renowned for his creativity and fearless approach to innovation. With a wealth of experience from leadership roles at Boeing, Microsoft, Meta, and numerous startups, Lee has consistently turned challenges into triumphs, from architecting robust cybersecurity technologies for global markets to spearheading innovations in cutting-edge security products in many domains and industries. Lee’s leadership style emphasizes adaptability and accountability, navigating the delicate balance between the drive to push boundaries and the experience of knowing and adhering to best practices. With a passion for using business as a force for good, his vision extends beyond innovation; it encompasses a disruptive approach that challenges conventions and enriches humanity. Lee’s pursuit of excellence, coupled with his comprehensive skill set spanning software engineering, privacy, and cybersecurity, positions him at the forefront of the next technological frontier.

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5 empathetic ways for leaders to organize layoffs

expert panel

In times of economic uncertainty or organizational restructuring, tough decisions like layoffs can be unavoidable. However, how these decisions are executed can have profound implications not only for the individuals directly affected but also for the morale, culture, and long-term success of the company. Any leader who is wrestling with a layoff decision has likely been sitting with that and preparing for months. For everyone else, on the other hand, it will be news — and a shock. This is where empathy, often regarded as a soft skill, emerges as a critical quality for business leaders to embody during such challenging times. It's important to give time for teams to understand, process and heal. To help leaders going through a reduction in workforce, I ask members of Company Culture Group, a community I lead through Fast Company Executive Board, how leaders can organize layoffs with empathy.

How can employees advocate for themselves at work?

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Business leaders teach professionals 18 smart, practical ways to speak up and get ahead. Whether they're just starting out in their industry of choice or have been at it for several years, it's natural for career-minded, ambitious individuals to keep an eye on opportunities that could give them an edge in their professional lives.  But, in order to keep their skin in the game and gain the respect of their leaders and coworkers, it's essential for employees to first build trust in their capabilities if they want like-minded colleagues to buy into the contributions they are trying to make. To help you speak up about your concerns or ideas, 18 Fast Company Executive Board members share their best practices with other workers who wish to present their ideas and become a better advocate for themselves at their current place of business.

Is crowdfunding the right choice for your potential biz upstart?

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Here's what 11 thought leaders suggest aspiring entrepreneurs consider before they go all in on a digital fundraiser. If you are trying to launch a business and are strapped for cash, crowdfunding is a viable option that many successful entrepreneurs have invested their time and hope in to get their new venture off the ground and running. The process of asking for help publicly on social media platforms may sound pretty straightforward, but there is a lot more at risk, including your long-term reputation. Below, 11 experts from Fast Company Executive Board offer one factor that every entrepreneur should consider if they are thinking about starting a crowdfunding campaign to launch their new business.

15 business tactics to build connections and grow your brand 

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There's a better way to reach direct consumers in the digital marketplace. In a fickle economy that is difficult to gauge from one moment to the next, the worst thing that brand leaders can do is to take their consumers for granted. Having an open-door policy on social media or even meeting face-to-face with current clients and customers is always a good way to gain a better understanding of what the consumer is looking for and going through. Engaging in those types of conversations upfront will only help a growing business thrive further in the future. It also helps leaders and teams strengthen client relationships and build better trust. Here, 15 Fast Company Executive Board members share one tip to help brand managers and their teams stay accountable and better connected to their customers in the digital marketplace.

11 ways businesses can contribute and stay connected to BIPOC communities

expert panel

Business experts weigh in on the best ways to make a real difference in underserved neighborhoods. When a well-known or promising company comes to the area, it can be a win-win for businesses and community residents, especially if the establishment is located in an underrepresented neighborhood of people who may be struggling. It's more than just gaining the ability to target an untapped market or provide job opportunities to help people feed their families and develop a clear shot at professional growth; it's also about creating connections and providing education to build loyalty and trust.  With that said, there are plenty of ways for an organization to support underserved BIPOC communities—whether it's a few blocks away or miles apart. Below, 11 experts from Fast Company Executive Board offer their best practices for company leaders who want to contribute to BIPOC communities through workforce training initiatives, financial assistance, and entrepreneurial development programs.

15 ways to stand up and out on the issues your brand is backing

expert panel

Transparency paired with a consistent message on your company vision and values goes a long way in building brand awareness and trust. When it comes to building community and laying the foundation for creating long-term customer and stakeholder relationships that you can count on, it's important to let people know where you stand on current issues to maintain genuine transparency and real authenticity. Below, 15 experts of Fast Company Executive Board each share one factor for leaders to consider if they want their brand to become known for its community activism—beyond the products and services it provides.

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Founded in 2020, JLEE & Associates is a pioneering force in the realm of innovative product development. With a core mission to democratize access to disruptive technologies, our seasoned team draws on decades of experience as tech executives and advisors. Our track record includes over 300 startup concepts transformed into successful products, driving more than $1 billion in growth and exits. We operate on the principle of fearless innovation tempered by the application of best practices, ensuring our clients achieve tangible results. At JLEE, we view business as a vehicle for positive change. By striving to combat the high failure rates prevalent in the startup and business landscape, we foster accelerated innovation while promoting sustainability and social impact.



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