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With a robust tech leadership background, having served at industry giants like Boeing, Microsoft, Meta, and many agile VC-backed startups, I have consistently transformed challenges into triumphant milestones. Whether it's unveiling a groundbreaking product, spearheading advancements in cybersecurity, or setting new industry benchmarks, I've been at the forefront. Some of my pivotal contributions are: • Architecting robust cybersecurity technologies for Microsoft in Brazil, Mexico, and China substantially bolstered product sales. • Crafting innovative, first-of-their-kind security products for Meta. • Accelerating the launch of a market-ready product within a mere four months at by assembling and leading a top-tier engineering team. My leadership philosophy goes beyond just strategic vision or technological prowess—it's fundamentally about people. I deeply value nurturing and elevating my team, igniting their passion for continuous innovation and excellence. I view setbacks as invaluable learning moments, enabling us to recalibrate swiftly. Owning our missteps and exuberantly celebrating our collective victories remains a cornerstone of my leadership approach. True innovation often treads the fine line of failure, as it pushes the boundaries of the known. My leadership style is to nimbly navigate such terrains, adapt rapidly, shoulder responsibility during setbacks, and wholeheartedly credit the team during our triumphs. Fearlessness in the face of potential failure and a relentless pursuit of excellence have been the hallmarks of my professional journey. My skill set is comprehensive, marrying software engineering with privacy and cybersecurity. Rooted in my foundational years at Boeing and enriched with insights from business, legal, and financial domains, I offer a unique blend of agility and depth. From my teenage years, leadership was a natural mantle for me, as evidenced by my pivotal roles as COO and CIO in a family-run real estate venture. This experience cemented my resolve to be a problem-solver. Ever since, I've been the trusted anchor in every role, seamlessly melding technological expertise with leadership finesse for optimal outcomes. I'm primed for the next technological frontier, be it in AI, cloud evolution, or any emerging domain. I'm driven by the prospect of being the catalyst and the leader, crafting cohesive, top-performing teams to conquer them.

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