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I learned early in my career how much I love to grow brands and work with teams. My secret sauce is I setting strategic brand direction, creating a culture of innovation and inspiring cross functional teams to create, lead and grow. A c-suite, omni-channel, and purpose-driven executive, I have a proven track record of delivering record-breaking financial results and transforming brands, teams, and cultures where I previously, served as the Chief Marketing Officer for The Honey Baked Ham Company (twice), Interface, Inc., and VP of Brand & Communication for Arby's. In all cases, the brands had positive year-on-year sales and profit growth. The work has been recognized, including two Effie’s. Also, a recipient of the National Diversity Council’s Most Powerful & Influential Women, a Lifetime Achievement from the AMA, and received the AMA's Marketer for Good. A lifelong learner, am an Executive in Residence at Georgia State University, where I teach strategic marketing for executive MBAs and facilitate the CMO Roundtable. I am passionate about using marketing as a strategy to create results, impact, and positive change and have an executive coaching diploma from Emory. And that is also why I wrote an Amazon Best Selling book, titled Living on a Smile, and I speak regularly on topics such as purpose, brand, leadership, growth culture and innovation.

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14 tips to lower the risks of launching a successful business

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Apply these steps to get (and keep) your company off the ground. There is a traditional assumption that if a business is still around—and thriving—after its first five years in the marketplace, then chances are the leadership and team are bound to see their company survive to take further strides. Now, in the new norm, with a global economy that is constantly changing and a digital culture to keep up with, business owners must work double time if they want their products or services to remain relevant in the public eye and gain the attention of potential new clients and customers.  If your company is still fresh out of the gate and looking for smart strategies to keep growing, tapping into the experience of successful entrepreneurs is a big help. Below, 14 experts from Fast Company Executive Board each offer one tip to help startup owners find ways to mitigate risk as they work to grow their businesses.

12 cash flow strategies to grow or scale any small business 

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It's a tough economy. Implement these tips to help your company thrive. When you're trying to get a small-business operation off the ground, sometimes everyone on the team will need to work harder with less until you make a name for yourself and the cash is rolling in. Yet, there is something to be said for running a tight ship, being conservative about your business spending habits, and saving for a rainy day when business is booming. Below, 12 Fast Company Executive Board members each share one way that small-business leaders can effectively manage their cash flow and working capital to ensure they have the resources they need to grow or scale their companies as the economy dictates.

17 ideas to express employee appreciation during the holidays

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Are your traditional gift-giving gestures getting stale? The holiday season is the perfect time to spread more cheer by demonstrating to your dedicated employees how much you appreciate their efforts to help keep a well-organized business up and running. If your leadership team is all tapped out of original gift-giving ideas for their team this year, then try one of the following ideas that 17 experts from Fast Company Executive Board highly recommend to show gratitude for the hard work their staff members continue to put in throughout the year. 

Is your business’s creative content becoming too bland?

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Here's what you might be missing when it comes to attracting and retaining new audiences. In the business world, content is king. This is especially true when you're trying to capture a long-term, loyal audience of potential clients and customers who can help your company grow. But it's not just about promoting your brand of products and services. Being too salesy too soon is often a turn-off for most potential customers. If you take the time to get to know them and their company on a deeper level, you'll have a better opportunity to turn your business into one that is worthy of their long-term trust and loyalty.  To better equip content teams in the coming year, 16 experts from Fast Company Executive Board each share one detail to help them understand how to create relevant content that speaks to their potential and current customers—whether it be through the company website, social media channels, video blogs, or email newsletters.

What have you learned from a leading businesswoman at work? 

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It's Women's Entrepreneurship Day! This year, WEDO celebrates 10 years of its mission to empower more women in leadership.  Across a broad range of industries, women in leadership pour mentorship and guidance into developing their direct mentees or encouraging their colleagues to make sound business decisions—positively impacting the recipients' lives and future careers for the better.  However, in the marketplace, it is not uncommon for women (no matter what level they have reached in their field of interest) to experience "imposter syndrome." If left unchecked, this mindset can hinder their potential growth and success in the short and long term. Instead, the key is for them to boldly redefine their narrative and career path before someone else does. Women's Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO) was founded by Wendy Diamond in 2013. To mark its 10-year milestone, 20 experts from Fast Company Executive Board share the best advice they've ever received from a successful woman in business.


Five tips for leveraging AI in your own career.

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Proven strategic brand, innovation, marketing, coach and growth expert specializing in growing brands and people. Clients range across industries including: fast moving consumer brands, agency, manufacturing, non-profit and education. And, at our core, all of our clients are purpose-driven businesses and seek sustainable growth solutions. Former CMO of HoneyBaked Ham (twice) and Interface, Inc (NASDAQ: TILE). Fast moving, we take an entrepreneurial approach, and scale business and projects with expertise based on client needs and assemble teams that include "All the Right People" based on the scope. Clients include: The Giving Kitchen, Focus Brands, Hothouse, Inc. Camp Sunshine of Maine, OnBoard, Georgia State University, Darling Fibers. All I can say is that we love what we do and it shows!


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