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Jo Ann Herold

Founder & Chief Executive Officer & VP of Marketing / PR at Georgia State (Interim)Herold Growth Consulting

Atlanta, GA

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I learned early in my career how much I love to grow brands and work with teams. My secret sauce is I setting strategic brand direction, creating a culture of innovation and inspiring cross functional teams to create, lead and grow. A c-suite, omni-channel, and purpose-driven executive, I have a proven track record of delivering record-breaking financial results and transforming brands, teams, and cultures where I previously, served as the Chief Marketing Officer for The Honey Baked Ham Company (twice), Interface, Inc., and VP of Brand & Communication for Arby's. In all cases, the brands had positive year-on-year sales and profit growth. The work has been recognized, including two Effie’s. Also, a recipient of the National Diversity Council’s Most Powerful & Influential Women, a Lifetime Achievement from the AMA, and received the AMA's Marketer for Good. A lifelong learner, am an Executive in Residence at Georgia State University, where I teach strategic marketing for executive MBAs and facilitate the CMO Roundtable. I am passionate about using marketing as a strategy to create results, impact, and positive change and have an executive coaching diploma from Emory. And that is also why I wrote an Amazon Best Selling book, titled Living on a Smile, and I speak regularly on topics such as purpose, brand, leadership, growth culture and innovation.

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Proven strategic brand, innovation, marketing, coach and growth expert specializing in growing brands and people. Clients range across industries including: fast moving consumer brands, agency, manufacturing, non-profit and education. And, at our core, all of our clients are purpose-driven businesses and seek sustainable growth solutions. Former CMO of HoneyBaked Ham (twice) and Interface, Inc (NASDAQ: TILE). Fast moving, we take an entrepreneurial approach, and scale business and projects with expertise based on client needs and assemble teams that include "All the Right People" based on the scope. All I can say is that we love what we do and it shows! Oh, and check out my book on Amazon @


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