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Jonathan Fields

Founder/CEO of Spark Endeavors | Host of Good Life Project Podcast

Spark Endeavors | Good Life Project®


I'm a dad, husband, award-winning author, executive-producer/host of the top-ranked Good Life Project® podcast, founder/CEO of Spark Endeavors, and chief architect behind the Sparketypes®, an archetyping system and set of tools tapped by over 450,000 individuals and organizations to identify, embrace and cultivate work that makes people come alive, and equip organizations and leaders to better inspire extraordinary work.


June 16th, 2021

15 practical ways to build a culture of adaptability in your organization

A culture of adaptability has helped many organizations not only survive but thrive through the challenges of the past year and will set them up for future success.

May 28th, 2021

15 tips to encourage vigorous (but respectful) workplace debates

Debate in the workplace is essential to collecting and considering diverse opinions, but it must be done respectfully.

April 29th, 2021

Ensure a proactive mindset for you and your business with these 15 strategies

Anticipating challenges rather than just reacting to them puts you a step ahead in overcoming them.

April 13th, 2021

Business growing fast? 10 mistakes to watch for when scaling

Growth is a primary goal for almost every business, but if you don't have the right strategy for scaling up, it may hurt your business in the long run.


Spark Endeavors | Good Life Project®

Good Life Project is one of the top-ranked podcasts in the world with more than 1.2-million downloads/month and guests that span music, art, industry, science and life. Spark Endeavors is a training organization built around the Sparketypes and the Sparketype® assessment that delivers validated, behavior-changing insights into what makes people come alive and how to harness that wisdom in life, leadership, and beyond.


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