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Joseph Santana, the CEO of Joseph Santana LLC, is a visionary powerhouse in today's business landscape. As a futurist, author, and captivating keynote speaker, Joe is the foremost authority on designing and driving groundbreaking DEI solutions that foster measurable social progress and equally measurable economic prosperity in our rapidly evolving 21st century. His latest book is the new DEI and ERG Frontier, published in 2022.

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Strategies to build trust in an increasingly diverse and skeptical world


81% of consumers refuse to do business with companies they don't trust—and that number may be growing. What can organizations do right now to start building trust with this segment of their workforce and marketplace?

Are you gauging your industry competitors correctly?

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13 leaders discuss the strategies that are working for them. If you are trying to grow a successful business, it is imperative that you stay one step ahead and monitor what the competition is doing, no matter what type of field you are working in. Understanding a competitive edge they may have—be it marketing strategies, services, or top clients—is key.  This helps you to better identify how your company can fit in by finding its own voice in the current market, standing out in a sea of information overload, and delivering unique brand messaging. Plus, the bottom line is that future clients are seeking the best solutions to move them forward as well. That's why Fast Company Executive Board members share the rhyme and reason behind their best practices for monitoring the competition and their market share below.

18 ways to elevate brand messaging during the holidays (and beyond)

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Implement these tips to quiet the noisy holiday promo rush and bring attention back to your company.  “Keeping up with the Joneses” seems synonymous with the ability to maintain a successful brand among some of your biggest competitors in a tight economy. Pulling out all the stops, especially during the busy season of holiday advertising campaigns, company leaders are striving to compel consumers to pay closer attention to their business' latest products and services. Based on their own experiences, the experts from Fast Company Executive Board realize that if you're trying to build long-term customer loyalty and strengthen positive brand recognition, sometimes it's not about following the latest holiday trends at all. Instead, it's about understanding what your clients and potential customers need right now and how remaining authentic as a brand can better demonstrate a company's ability to deliver satisfying results that urge people to return throughout the year. Here are 18 suggestions they highly recommend other leaders to explore.

4 things CEOs can ask CDOs to do to ignite their bottom line


As the CEO, you have the power to redirect your CDO's efforts toward initiatives that bring real value to all stakeholders, including yourself.

Is your business website a standout? If not, how can you create one?

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Consider these 13 design steps recommended by leading industry experts. When you're in the process of developing (or revamping) a company website, you can't be afraid to take risks, break the norm, and add a little more personalization to your brand image—especially if it means reaching out to an untapped market for conversion. But once you've suddenly captured the attention of potential customers and clients, how do you build on that momentum and keep it going? The next step is to offer them substantial information that is engaging and interesting to drive home a clear message of intent. Below, 13 Fast Company Executive Board members each provide one tip for designing a website that will get noticed in today's competitive marketplace.

Have you found your true calling in life yet? 

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Here are 15 strategies to get you on the right path if you are still searching for personal and career fulfillment. When you're just starting out in a career of any sort, it's not unusual to—at times—feel worried or uncertain about your current path. How do you know if you are making the right decision about where you're committing your valuable time and energy in the workforce? Are you genuinely happy—at least for right now?  Being honest with yourself (and others) about your end goals is something to be proud of, and it's also a step in the right direction. Sometimes it's beneficial to experiment with different opportunities—even ones that turn out to be the wrong fit. To offer some further guidance, 15 Fast Company Executive Board members share additional ideas to find clarity as you begin to figure out where you want to see yourself five, ten, or even 20 years from now. In the meantime, proactively devote your best self to whatever it is you are currently doing now, while you're searching. You never know what your diligence in the task at hand may lead to down the road. It's all part of the journey.

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Joseph Santana, LLC stands at the forefront of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) leadership development, fueling organizations to thrive in the more demanding 21st-century landscape. With a portfolio of powerful brands, the company empowers DEI leaders to drive remarkable social and economic impact within their companies. Leading the pack are two exceptional brands: the visionary CDO PowerCircle and the trailblazing ERG PowerTalk podcast. The CDO PowerCircle members are influential DEI leaders representing organizations that generate a staggering three-quarters of a trillion US dollars in revenue with nearly one million employees. Meanwhile, the ERG PowerTalk podcast is broadcast over channels that reach an astounding audience of close to 300 million listeners. The podcast is a beacon of inspiration, offering invaluable training and development resources worth over a quarter of a million dollars. It equips resource group leaders to seize 21st-century opportunities and overcome challenges with unwavering confidence.


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