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Joseph Santana, the CEO of Joseph Santana LLC, is a visionary powerhouse in today's business landscape. As a futurist, author, and captivating keynote speaker, Joe is the foremost authority on designing and driving groundbreaking DEI solutions that foster measurable social progress and equally measurable economic prosperity in our rapidly evolving 21st century. His latest book is the new DEI and ERG Frontier, published in 2022.

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15 ways leaders can increase equity and transparency in their performance review process 

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Amid performance review season, I understand the importance of embracing a holistic strategy that not only values individual contributions but also prioritizes fairness, open communication, and continuous improvement.  To cultivate this for our organization, we refactored our system of growth from being a linear promotion process to one that allowed for more divergent growth paths. Having an "up or out" model didn't work for our company culture. Having a lattice-based (rather than a ladder-based) approach gave people more autonomy in the course of their careers. And we made our promotion logic more equitable by transparently naming the conditions for growth. To help other leaders, I asked members of the Company Culture Group of Fast Company Executive Board, a community I lead, how they improve equity and transparency in their review process. Here are important steps that they take and the impact they’ve seen from doing so.

What does the future of work look like across industries?

expert panel

Leading business professionals offer advice to the next generation. In a changing world market and tough economy, no one can predict what the future of work will look like in the short term or 10 years from now. One way or the other, what people are realizing in the new norm is that although technological innovations are being elevated every day, companies need to embrace them if they don't want to be left behind. However, these business leaders also agree that the human touch is still essential to ensure smart decisions are being executed for the growth and success of organizations. Below, 14 experts from Fast Company Executive Board discuss how specific industries are currently being impacted and what the next generation of leaders should do to prepare for the unknown.

17 ideas to express employee appreciation during the holidays

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Are your traditional gift-giving gestures getting stale? The holiday season is the perfect time to spread more cheer by demonstrating to your dedicated employees how much you appreciate their efforts to help keep a well-organized business up and running. If your leadership team is all tapped out of original gift-giving ideas for their team this year, then try one of the following ideas that 17 experts from Fast Company Executive Board highly recommend to show gratitude for the hard work their staff members continue to put in throughout the year. 

12 ways customer video testimonials enhance  business performance 

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If you want to build better connections with your current and potential customers, here are some best practices to get started. In an uncertain business environment and tight economic conditions, customer testimonials should never be taken for granted or underutilized—especially the ones captured on video. Sharing this type of information with other current and prospective customers is one of the best ways to put any concerns to rest and build on their solid trust in what your brand has to offer in the competitive, crowded marketplace. Below, 12 experts from Fast Company Executive Board discuss how business leaders can leverage customer testimonial videos to impact continued business growth.

Why your diversity and inclusion training may not be producing results


In the increasingly demanding, ever more diverse, and global 21st century, it's time for organizations to take meaningful action by addressing systemic issues first.

12 reasons why exit interviews benefit employers and staff

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To avoid rising employee turnover rates, address your company's weaknesses head-on. If your company is having trouble holding on to some of its best talent in the workforce, then there may be a serious communication gap or issue that needs to be addressed regarding your work culture and a staff that may be feeling dissatisfied or misinformed about what they originally signed up for. Establishing a regular open-door policy that fosters psychological safety for employees to express their interests, career aspirations, or concerns about the organization's business practices is a first step. Proactively seeking feedback from current and outgoing employees is the smartest way to rebuild employee morale and strengthen team relationships. Here, 12 Fast Company Executive Board members weigh in on the exit interview process. They discuss how gathering feedback and analyzing turnover data are helping their companies identify trends and areas in need of improvement.

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Joseph Santana, LLC stands at the forefront of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) leadership development, fueling organizations to thrive in the more demanding 21st-century landscape. With a portfolio of powerful brands, the company empowers DEI leaders to drive remarkable social and economic impact within their companies. Leading the pack are two exceptional brands: the visionary CDO PowerCircle and the trailblazing ERG PowerTalk podcast. The CDO PowerCircle members are influential DEI leaders representing organizations that generate a staggering three-quarters of a trillion US dollars in revenue with nearly one million employees. Meanwhile, the ERG PowerTalk podcast is broadcast over channels that reach an astounding audience of close to 300 million listeners. The podcast is a beacon of inspiration, offering invaluable training and development resources worth over a quarter of a million dollars. It equips resource group leaders to seize 21st-century opportunities and overcome challenges with unwavering confidence.


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