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Karen Budell is the Chief Marketing Officer at Totango, the industry-leading customer success platform, where she leads brand and content, events, growth marketing, product marketing, and sales enablement. Budell is an active member of CHIEF and serves on the Dean’s Board of Advisors at Quinlan School of Business at Loyola University Chicago. Budell previously worked at Momentive (MNTV), the maker of SurveyMonkey, where she served as Vice President, Brand Marketing. Previous to this, Budell spent nearly four years at Google where she worked on YouTube Ads and was a pivotal member of the Google Marketing Platform launch team.

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16 tips for coaching future leaders and nurturing their success

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Encouraging your team to be problem solvers is a better way to build trust and keep them engaged in the process. Unleashing your full potential as a leader begins with having the willingness to embrace your own humility and enable others to shine. Empowering others to find the right solutions when they are faced with business challenges is an essential part of delegating responsibilities and building stronger teams. When it comes to helping direct reports develop decision-making strategies at work,16 experts from Fast Company Executive Board agree that it is much better to "coach" people rather than "manage." This is how potential successful leaders continue to grow.

20 customer success metrics that unlock business insights

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Tracking these key measurements of customer behavior can transform your business efforts. Creating a truly customer-centric business strategy requires tracking the right metrics. Understanding specific key performance indicators related to consumer behavior can offer insights into what's working and what is not, so your company can make the appropriate adjustments. Below, 20 Fast Company Executive Board members explain which customer success metrics have provided their businesses with invaluable knowledge about their business efforts. With these measures in mind, you can make informed, strategic decisions and highlight areas that need improvement.

Do your employees seem less enthusiastic about their workload?

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13 ways to boost team morale and motivation to get the job done. When employees begin to feel burnout at work, it's not always immediately evident to others. However, employers and their leadership teams must learn how to recognize and address these symptoms sooner rather than later to prevent losing high-potential staff members.  But even if the signs were written on the wall for quite some time, it's never too late to work on increasing your employees' morale and get them enthusiastic about the company's mission and their real purpose for offering their time and service each day. Here, Fast Company Executive Board members each share one idea to motivate the cross-generational teams your company depends on every single day.

19 ways to enhance your personal and professional brand

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When it comes to brand marketing, elevating your authentic story as an individual is just as important as company branding. For the past decade or longer, the term "brand marketing" has taken on a life of its own. People now realize that it's not just about a material product or service; "brand marketing" is also tied directly to the individual who is trying to launch or further themselves in the marketplace overall, and not just with any particular company affiliation. In an unstable economy with massive layoffs, it's all about the person and the next steps they want to take in life—especially as it relates to their personal passion, mission, and goals. Here, 19 Fast Company Executive Board members each share their advice with individuals who aspire to elevate their personal and professional branding to become a powerful thought leader who creates and delivers highly impactful, memorable presentations through the stories they share with others—during the workday or after hours.

Takeaways from my first year leading a customer advisory board


Making CABs invaluable for both a company and its members demands constant refinement and a collaborative effort. Here's what we’re using to propel our CAB forward.

20 innovative ways companies can contribute to their communities

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Modern companies should think beyond traditional philanthropic efforts and find ways to make a real difference for the people they serve. As consumers become more focused on brands that practice corporate social responsibility, more and more companies are finding impactful ways to make a positive mark on their local communities. Forward-thinking businesses are spearheading work programs, offering financial assistance, and nurturing entrepreneurial talents in their neighborhoods. Here, Fast Company Executive Board members discuss the strategies companies can adopt to contribute to their local communities in an impactful way. Follow their recommendations to create a lasting and meaningful change in your community beyond your bottom line.

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Totango is the industry’s only Composable Customer Success Platform, built on a modular foundation with embedded best practices to meet you where you are today and grow with you as your business needs change. Totango is quick to implement and integrate, fast to value, and efficient to own and operate. Many of the world’s fast-growing businesses and well-established software giants, including Tyler Technologies, Schneider Electric, and Aircall, use Totango to get real-time access to customer health, stay alert to risks and opportunities, and engage proactively and intelligently with their customers to increase net revenue retention and drive productivity within their organization.



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