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Karen Starns

Chief Executive OfficerOJO Canada

Austin, TX

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Karen Starns is CEO of OJO Canada, acquired in 2023 by Royal Bank of Canada. She was previously Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at OJO. Karen's outstanding track record of building global brands, driving growth, and solving complex business challenges has been shaped by two leadership stints at Amazon, 13 years at Microsoft, and a global leadership role at Pearson. Karen is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, a lecturer in the McCombs School of Business Master of Science in Marketing program, and Chair of the Advisory Council for the Master of Science in Marketing program. A brand marketer at heart, Karen is skilled at building brands that people love and can’t live without. At OJO, she is focused on deepening audience understanding and empathy, leading consumer engagement, and establishing OJO as a brand of choice for homeownership - one of life's most complex and consequential decisions. Karen is an active mentor of women and up-and-coming leaders, including the CEOs of two social enterprises — Cielo Hammocks in Mexico and Sosai Renewable Energies in Nigeria.

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OJO Canada guides consumers through the home journey by providing a customized home search experience, on-demand access to a network of industry experts, and the support of financial resources. OJO Canada aims to make the home ownership process more accessible to more Canadians.



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