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Karl Giuseffi

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I revel in applied research around an organization’s most important resource, its people. I enjoy closely working with executive leaders and teams to simplify and streamline data-driven insights to inform people strategies. An additional passion of mine is guiding leadership decision-making and innovation around organizational leadership and culture. I am a fierce advocate for using data to drive meaningful change in people management, selection, development and people analytics to deliver better business outcomes. Aside from academic publications, my research has been featured in various outlets such as the Wall Street Journal and Salon. All in all, I am fascinated by people and dream of a world where they are best set up for success and businesses flourish as a result.


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August 4th, 2022

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July 27th, 2022

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June 27th, 2022

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June 22nd, 2022

15 ways excellent remote leaders support their team members

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Talent Plus is the premier global human resources consulting firm and the leading partner in building and sustaining high-performing and fully-engaged cultures through talent selection, development and analytics. Our long-standing client relationships date back to the 1950s when we first began utilizing scientific studies of success to build high-performing Talent-Based Organizations ® (TBO ®). At Talent Plus, our founders have spent more than 50 years studying talent; listening to what top performers think, believe and feel; and building structured interviews to help world-class companies identify, select and develop the best talent. Each day, Talent Plus associates partner with clients around the globe in multiple languages, exceeding their expectations and creating a measurable impact on their business. Talent Plus opened its Asia-Pacific office in 2007 and has had its corporate office in Lincoln, NE, USA, since its inception.


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