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Product marketing and strategy leader with over a decade of experience driving corporate-wide initiatives — implementing C-level visions and changing consumer behavior. My passions and skills are in creating company-defining marketing programs, driving mission-critical business KPIs, and building and aligning organizations and teams for high impact. I believe in servant leadership and that all companies can be and should be good corporate citizens (always). I am currently the Chief Operating Officer at Transcend—the first-ever Data Privacy Infrastructure company that empowers individuals to reclaim control over their data and helps companies comply with global data privacy laws. Transcend is backed by Accel and Index Ventures. Previously, as the global director for Uber's top business priority, Consumer Safety, I was responsible for integrated marketing and corporate initiatives across 700+ markets while running direct and cross-functional teams. I’ve introduced 25+ global products to market, improved consumer sentiment in billions of user engagements, and increased competitive position through marketing, business partnerships, and innovative bold bets. Before Uber, I spearheaded Google's ‘Made with Code’ Initiative — a $50M corporate venture to inspire more young women to study computer science (addressing the critical issue of tech diversity). I led the program from ideation to product launch and drove marketing, research, program strategy, and business partnerships. And before Made with Code, I was the public affairs leader for, Google’s global $1B foundation, and a business strategy consultant for companies undergoing dramatic industry change. I’m a lifelong, team-oriented competitive athlete, including my days as an NCAA Division I Lacrosse Player and co-captain. On the side, I'm an invested board member and volunteer for social causes, including for one of the largest global AI and STEM nonprofits, Technovation.

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Transcend is a privacy platform that empowers brands to enhance regulatory stances for the laws of tomorrow and improve customer relationships through respectful and compliant data transparency, consent, and control.



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