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After 25 years in the industry on both the agency and corporate side I now call Austin, Texas home and run my own PR and marketing firm, Red Fan Communications. Red Fan is a strategic partner for dynamic B2B tech and consumer brands and I'm proud to work with a stellar team that creates compelling stories and makes meaningful connections for companies of all sizes. I'm also a member of the Forbes Agency Council and currently serve on the board of Austin Gives and the ABC Kite Festival (the oldest kite festival in the United States -- handmade kite competition). Whether a company has plateaued in visibility or is about to launch, we customize an approach that helps them attract the clients, investors, partners and employees they want so they can position for growth, further funding, an IPO or an acquisition. Every CEO and CMO want to see their dream of growing a successful, well-recognized company come to fruition. But the competition for visibility is fierce and without it the road is tough. Have you ever asked yourself: How do I build a brand that empowers me to scale my company and attract great talent? What infrastructure do I need to have in place to make sure our brand is in the news, online and out in front with the audiences we want to influence? How will I reach the press and analysts in a consistent way with news or even expert commentary? Is there a process for creating content that will scale across our social channels? What is the best way to build the PR effort so investors see our brand before we knock on their door? What would it feel like to have a partner in this next 18 months that understands what it takes to position for an IPO or an acquisition? If so, send me a note at and visit #AskKathleen via our YouTube channel. Currently reading: What You Do Is Who You Are: How to Create Your Business Culture by Ben Horowitz Currently repeating: "Know your vision, communicate it, constantly kick the tires on it and get others to challenge you so you're constantly growing." Currently relaxing: By spending time with my family telling stories around our fire pit in Austin.

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Red Fan Communications

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Red Fan Communications is a strategic, integrated communications partner for dynamic B2B and technology brands. The full-service senior consultancy helps high-growth and established businesses build and sustain their brand reputations. Established in 2008 by marketing and communications industry veteran Kathleen Lucente, the firm delivers communication platforms that map to clients’ business goals, resonate with key audiences, strengthen brand identity and deliver measurable results. Red Fan Communications pushes the boundaries for clients, blending traditional and nontraditional communications strategies and tactics to craft customized campaigns that position brands as market leaders, support sales, engage customers and stakeholders and build brand awareness.


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