Kelly Burton

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Kelly Burton

Executive Director

Black Innovation Alliance

Atlanta Area

I'm an entrepreneur's entrepreneur. I've launched 3 businesses in 10 years, the most recent being Founders of Color where our sole mission is to help entrepreneurs of color to scale and grow their businesses. Additionally, I serve as Co-convener for the Black Innovation Alliance, a national coalition of ecosystem leaders dedicated to increasing Black access to the innovation economy. I'm a recovering academic. I'm interested in big ideas, applied to the real world. I've got a lot to say. I'm an avid writer and do a good bit of speaking on issues related to everything from brand building to racial justice and economic inclusion. I'm a Linkedin super-user with more than 70K followers, and the author of "Mastering Linkedin: How I Used the World's Largest Network to Build a Nationally Recognized Brand". My Linkedin Live series, "Mondays with Kelly" tackles issues of life, faith and work.


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Black Innovation Alliance

The Black Innovation Alliance is a national coalition of 40+ organizations dedicated to building the sort of ecosystem truly capable of helping Black innovators to thrive. We claim the right for Black people to profit fully from our contributions to this age of innovation. The Alliance believes that there is great power in our unity. And we will leverage that power by using capital, education, public policy, research, and media as our cudgels and our change agents. These cultural building blocks are essential for designing our shared future, building it, and then bringing it to the masses.


  • Black prosperity and empowerment


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