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Kelsey Morgan

CEO & Co-FounderEverFree

Yorba Linda, CA

Member Since May 2024


Kelsey Morgan is the dynamic force behind EverFree as its co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. With 15 years of experience in the anti-trafficking space, Kelsey honed her expertise in creating transformative programs for human trafficking survivors, elevating evaluation standards, and fostering collaborative efforts to fortify the movement's impact. She founded Willow International in 2010 and merged with 10ThousandWindows in 2021 to launch EverFree, a global nonprofit dedicated to developing data-driven solutions that equip the global movement to end human trafficking. Concurrently pursuing her Ph.D. at the University of California, Kelsey is the co-creator of the Freedom Lifemap, a groundbreaking model that will enable the anti-trafficking sector to better understand vulnerabilities and deploy evidence-based, survivor-led solutions. Beyond her roles as an anti-trafficking sector leader, an academic, and a coalition builder, Kelsey can be found playing Star Wars Stormtroopers with her daughter Lielle.

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EverFree is an accredited 501 (C) (3) nonprofit organization that develops and scales transformative solutions to end human trafficking so all people can thrive in freedom and dignity. Founded in 2015, EverFree has helped thousands of human trafficking survivors heal and integrate with dignity into their communities. EverFree is headquartered in California, and has signature aftercare sites in Uganda and the Philippines. In addition, through innovation partners in the United States, Mexico, Bolivia, Kenya and Cambodia, EverFree empower survivors and communities by deploying data-driven programs and solutions that effectively equip the global movement to end human trafficking. To learn more, visit


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