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Kermit S. Randa is a results-driven CEO with extensive experience driving sustained profitable growth through customer-centric transformation, cultures of accountability and positive employee engagement. His career has included serving in leadership positions throughout the software and technology space, principally in private equity environments. Outside of the office, Randa is a board member, investor, volunteer, and a very grateful father of three beautiful children.

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Making a change to your product or service? 12 steps to take first

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Consider these best practices before your loyal audience is thrown off by the company's latest innovations. If you're thinking about upgrading your legacy product or service that loyal customers have come to recognize and respect, it's okay to make some necessary tweaks to keep up with the times, but it's also more crucial to engage your audience in the conversation about potential changes. This will help you better understand their views from a user's perspective.  To help company leaders maintain their credibility while staying relevant in the marketplace, 12 Fast Company Executive Board members discuss other steps business professionals can take to develop an innovative mindset when it comes to revamping a traditional item or creating a new one altogether.

12 reasons why exit interviews benefit employers and staff

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To avoid rising employee turnover rates, address your company's weaknesses head-on. If your company is having trouble holding on to some of its best talent in the workforce, then there may be a serious communication gap or issue that needs to be addressed regarding your work culture and a staff that may be feeling dissatisfied or misinformed about what they originally signed up for. Establishing a regular open-door policy that fosters psychological safety for employees to express their interests, career aspirations, or concerns about the organization's business practices is a first step. Proactively seeking feedback from current and outgoing employees is the smartest way to rebuild employee morale and strengthen team relationships. Here, 12 Fast Company Executive Board members weigh in on the exit interview process. They discuss how gathering feedback and analyzing turnover data are helping their companies identify trends and areas in need of improvement.

9 strategies to strengthen your business’s SEO ranking

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Review these aspects to demystify the Google algorithm—at least for now.   As the digital marketing industry continues to evolve, achieving a top SEO ranking in a Google search can be a moving target for business owners. When the algorithm finally begins to seem achievable, the guidelines change again—and again. A reliable SEO strategy goes hand-in-hand with a strong brand strategy. Therefore, it's essential to determine what brand points your target audience members resonate with the most to better inform your SEO strategy. Here, nine Fast Company Executive Board members each share one factor for leaders to consider when they are optimizing for search engines and why it's so important.

Are you overwhelmed with juggling work and night classes?

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16 ways to find a happy medium in reaching your personal and professional life goals. Working a nine-to-five career can be overwhelming depending on the types of responsibilities you have on your daily plate. Add to the mix, the pursuit of a certification or degree through continued education after work—while building on personal friendships or raising a new family—and it's understandable for anyone to feel burned out from a lack of work-life balance if they're struggling. Below, Fast Company Executive Board members each offer one tip for maintaining a healthy lifestyle while juggling work duties and attending evening classes.

18 ways to elevate brand messaging during the holidays (and beyond)

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Implement these tips to quiet the noisy holiday promo rush and bring attention back to your company.  “Keeping up with the Joneses” seems synonymous with the ability to maintain a successful brand among some of your biggest competitors in a tight economy. Pulling out all the stops, especially during the busy season of holiday advertising campaigns, company leaders are striving to compel consumers to pay closer attention to their business' latest products and services. Based on their own experiences, the experts from Fast Company Executive Board realize that if you're trying to build long-term customer loyalty and strengthen positive brand recognition, sometimes it's not about following the latest holiday trends at all. Instead, it's about understanding what your clients and potential customers need right now and how remaining authentic as a brand can better demonstrate a company's ability to deliver satisfying results that urge people to return throughout the year. Here are 18 suggestions they highly recommend other leaders to explore.

Hiring: Elevating your recruitment process in today's digital world

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Technology is changing the game for companies and job candidates in the workplace. The talent acquisition process looks a lot different today than it did way back when. Gone are the days when candidates could simply head out for the day to pound the pavement, sit inside the human resources lobby of their desired employer to fill out a long-form application, and hope to get an interview callback in a few days.  In today's digital world, how has technology helped your company streamline its hiring process for managers and potential new hires alike? Here, eight Fast Company Executive Board members weigh in on the features of virtual recruitment they've come to rely on in efforts to build dynamic teams and enhance future company success.

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Symphony Talent partners with talent acquisition teams to reach and connect with potential candidates, fill and nurture their recruitment funnel, and advance qualified, right-fit candidates. Experts in recruitment marketing, employer branding, programmatic media, and more, Symphony Talent combines advanced technology and award-winning creative to deliver the outcomes hiring teams care about most – from reach to retention. Together, we'll put your brand at the forefront of candidates’ minds and hearts … and your company at the cutting edge of talent acquisition.



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