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Krishnan Venkata

Chief Client OfficerLatentView Analytics Corporation

Seattle, WA

Member Since October 2022


Sales & Marketing
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A seasoned analytics executive with deep technical knowledge and 20+ years managing C-level relationships and leading sales and business development for the IT and KPO sectors. In my current role as Chief Client Officer at LatentView Analytics, I lead global client services with a mission to build symbiotic relationships and bring thought leadership to clients across each stage of our relationship. In addition to my role at LatentView, I also serve as a board advisor to early-stage technology companies.

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Are you gauging your industry competitors correctly?

expert panel

13 leaders discuss the strategies that are working for them. If you are trying to grow a successful business, it is imperative that you stay one step ahead and monitor what the competition is doing, no matter what type of field you are working in. Understanding a competitive edge they may have—be it marketing strategies, services, or top clients—is key.  This helps you to better identify how your company can fit in by finding its own voice in the current market, standing out in a sea of information overload, and delivering unique brand messaging. Plus, the bottom line is that future clients are seeking the best solutions to move them forward as well. That's why Fast Company Executive Board members share the rhyme and reason behind their best practices for monitoring the competition and their market share below.

16 ways to recover, regroup, and reset business objectives and goals

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Here's what to do when the best-laid business plans of leadership and teams suddenly go awry.  For many business leaders and their teams, the month of August is an essential time for them to assess how the first half of the year went. Are the current strategies that they have in place really working? It's also a time to set (or reset) their goals and objectives for the upcoming year.  Keeping all that in mind, sometimes plans, unfortunately, fall by the wayside or may require some unexpected tweaking depending on external factors like market conditions, customer needs, or technological innovation. That's why it's important to remain flexible and have an open mind about how to pivot correctly when necessary, considering the current situation of your department or organization. Here, 16 Fast Company Executive Board members offer their solutions to help other business leaders and teams stay focused even when their initial plans begin to get sidetracked or fail altogether.

11 tips to boost client conversions and long-term loyalty

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Here's how to transition away from your current "transactional" sales approach that's getting you nowhere.  If you are feeling the pressure to help your company meet its bottom-line metrics quarter over quarter, working in a sales-driven environment is not the only way to encourage your sales team to achieve its goals. Instead, you may want to try a different approach that will also enable you to build a stronger rapport with current and potential customers. Here, 11 Fast Company Executive Board members share the best way to pivot your sales strategies and transition your team away from a "transaction now" mentality when dealing with potential clients. They also discuss how to maintain a good balance and still make the deal.

10 ways to make better decisions and reach your business goals

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Start with a few target items that align with the big picture. There are so many factors that go into building and maintaining a scalable business that has the potential to thrive—year after year. As a leader's to-do list continues to grow, where do you start when it comes to making important decisions that will impact the future of the business? Below,  10 experts from Fast Company Executive Board discuss how others can effectively balance the short- and long-term goals in their business decision-making process.

Demand forecasting has derailed: Here's how to get back on track


To get (and keep) accurate demand forecasting back on track, companies need to completely rethink the status quo.

8 reasons why shoppable video may boost a company's brand awareness 

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Sales and marketing teams are following this rising trend to elevate consumer interest in the products and services they have to offer.  With the holiday season quickly approaching, digital resources continue to make it convenient for companies to reach current and potential customers about their latest offerings, even when people are busy on the go. But whether they're in the market to catch a deal on an affordable streaming service package to view their favorite TV series, trying to replace an essential household appliance that suddenly stopped working, or sprucing up their apparel options for an upcoming event, it's not always easy to captivate and keep their attention. To effectively meet shoppers in real-time, eight Fast Company Executive Board members are experiencing the benefits of direct marketing through interactive shoppable videos on social media. Here, they explain the impact of this type of engagement and how it is helping them to educate consumers about their brand and build on the company's reputation. 

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LatentView Analytics Corporation

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LatentView Analytics is a recognized leader in Data and Analytics and a trusted partner to Fortune500 companies. We empower organizations to serve their customers better by helping them move up the analytics maturity curve through actionable insights that lead to data-driven decisions. Our Expertise include Digital Solution Accelerators, Big Data Capabilities, Social Media Predictive Analytics and Analytics Tools. We help and inspire clients to transform their businesses and excel in the digital world by harnessing the power of data and analytics.


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