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Kristin Lytle

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I am on a mission to help companies and individuals to stop wasting potential. I am convinced that the companies that will be winners in their industries tomorrow are the ones that find the courage to look at current processes and cultures that are wasting potential today. As President of The Leader’s Edge, I work with companies to unlock the full potential of their talent. Prior to joining TLE, I spent nearly 20 years in “Corporate America.” During that time, I worked with four large organizations, spanning several industries, and gained direct experience in three global regions. I have deep expertise in forecasting, quantifying, identifying, and accelerating talent pipelines. If you are interested, I would be happy to discuss more details of my career. However, I believe what’s more important is how that experience has shaped how I work with organizations. I am a business leader who is focused on the most valuable (and expensive) asset of any organization. I believe in creating simple, pragmatic solutions that lead to real results. Between facilitating hundreds (yes, hundreds) of talent planning meetings and working directly with leaders across the globe, I have seen every career moment imaginable. It is from this experience that I understand, and can demystify, what it means to be a successful executive and have a fulfilling career. Here are a few things I’ve picked up over the years: -Best-in-class organizations require best-in-class talent -Best-in-class talent expects to be invested in -People allocation is just as important as financial allocation -Investing in talent is a lot like investing in R&D. The only guarantee is failure if you don’t prioritize it If any of this sounds interesting please reach out. I'd love to help you and your organization decrease the amount of untapped potential at your company. And finally, so I don't give the impression I'm all work and no play: In my spare time I am an avid reader, mediocre musician (violin and mandolin), dog lover, kayaker, biker, francophile, and all things nerdy you'd expect from a former Academic Decathlete.

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The Leader’s Edge/Leaders By Design is an executive coaching and leadership development firm dedicated to helping C-suite, executive and high-potential men and women enhance their leadership skills. Our vision is to assist leaders in their career growth and to help them achieve success in the top tiers of their organizations. We have had the pleasure of working with over 4,000 leaders and building a reputation as a firm that provides high quality services with a customized approach for each client and project. Through our work with global Fortune 500 companies, large and mid-size firms, and non-profit organizations, we share our expertise and shape successful leaders for the future which continues to be a fulfilling experience for us and our clients. We are proud to offer our coaching and leadership services both in-person and virtually.


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