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Larry Brinker Jr. is an award-winning entrepreneur, impact investor, and mentor. He serves as Chief Executive Officer of Brinker, a group of family-owned and operated commercial construction service companies responsible for over $4 billion in construction projects, which plays a critical role in the transformation and revitalization of Detroit. Recognized by Crain’s Detroit Business 40 Under 40 and Detroit Business Magazine’s 30 In Their 30’s, Brinker Jr.’s success has earned him the Next Generation Entrepreneur Award from the National Business League in 2017, the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2018, and a subsequent position as a national judge for the annual award. He received the University of Michigan Alumni Merit Award in 2022. In addition to his leadership in the construction services industry, Brinker Jr. is a mission-driven investor aspiring to impact the community through entrepreneurial development programs, philanthropy, and technology. In 2021 he co-founded Capsa Money, Inc., a banking model providing the underbanked with better access to essential financial services. He is also an early investor in the Air Company, a carbon technology company combating climate change by transforming CO2 emissions into products like sanitizers, vodka, fragrances, and jet fuel. On the philanthropic side, Brinker Jr. has established multiple scholarships, including a COVID-19 Legacy Survivor Scholarship fund.

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Brinker Group is made up of L.S. Brinker, Brinker Team Construction, City Carpet and Flooring, Universal Glass and Metals, and Edgewood Electric. All share the Brinker values of strong communication, unconditional support and strength of community. Five individual companies that together are uniquely positioned to offer more. With over 30 years of transforming our company and our home City of Detroit, we continue to grow our capabilities and pave the way for smaller diverse companies to stand on their own. From developing the downtown and designing urban areas, to constructing new spaces and renovating historical buildings, we’re able to take on projects of all scopes and complexities and we’ve had great results.


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