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Maggie ONeill

EVP -Chief Client OfficerPeppercomm

New York, NY

Member Since November 2022


Public Relations
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Maggie ONeill is a marketing communications executive with Peppercomm. As Chief Client Officer , she provides agency-wide communications and brand experience support to the global portfolio of clients. From Fortune 500 companies to start-up technology brands, Maggie specializes in crafting compelling brand stories that reach target audiences at critical points in their path to engagement. Industry focus spans automotive, technology, home goods, food & bev and manufacturing. Much of her current work focuses on communicating sustainable brands and elevating their purpose for all stakeholders. As an industry leader and speaker Maggie has represented the agency at the Social ShakeUp, PRSA, New York Meetings Industry Exchange (NYMix), The Special Event and WOMMA to name a few.

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As a marketing communications consultancy, Peppercomm understands that business is in a constant state of change, and audiences today have higher expectations than ever before. Our teams help brands to see around corners and to anticipate and capitalize on change while connecting with audiences in human terms, in a way they can understand, learn from and engage with. Peppercomm understands that how brands tell their story can mean the difference between success and failure. We have made a science of communication, combining wit and wisdom with proven disciplines and innovative offerings to break through, build deeper connections and ensure our clients’ success. We have studied, embraced and employed the tenets of humor to help our clients more clearly see who they are, why they exist and how they can connect to those they serve. Our model is about brand analysis, development of narrative and voice, and connection to the culture, media and influencers who matter.


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