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TXI means Technology. Experience. Innovation. Mark Rickmeier is the Chief Executive Officer at TXI, a product innovation company that specializes in UX research, design, and software development. Over the past 20 years, he has created more than 100 mobile apps, custom-built web applications, and intuitive user experiences and been rated as the leading custom software company in the city by Clutch, an independent market analyst. (Learn more about TXI: He is also the founder of the Walkshop - a multi-day hiking + leadership development experience for executives, thinkers, and entrepreneurs. These conferences offer a dedicated time to go off the grid with peers in your industry, push your limits while staying on your feet, recharge while being offline, develop new leadership skills, and grow deeply human connections. (Learn more at He is the author of the Sticky Note Game ( - a facilitation technique now used by many technology companies to grow the skills of their employees and invest in the overall growth of the organization. He is the creator of the Inclusion Meeting Cards ( - a game designed to foster more inclusive meetings so you can stop the interruptions, silence steamrollers and encourage everyone to have a voice (not just the CEO).

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5 empathetic ways for leaders to organize layoffs

expert panel

In times of economic uncertainty or organizational restructuring, tough decisions like layoffs can be unavoidable. However, how these decisions are executed can have profound implications not only for the individuals directly affected but also for the morale, culture, and long-term success of the company. Any leader who is wrestling with a layoff decision has likely been sitting with that and preparing for months. For everyone else, on the other hand, it will be news — and a shock. This is where empathy, often regarded as a soft skill, emerges as a critical quality for business leaders to embody during such challenging times. It's important to give time for teams to understand, process and heal. To help leaders going through a reduction in workforce, I ask members of Company Culture Group, a community I lead through Fast Company Executive Board, how leaders can organize layoffs with empathy.

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When you combine curiosity and commitment, you can keep employees around and send the right message to new prospects.

3 steps toward radical transparency—and how a transparent culture boosts employee retention


To keep employees around, organizations have to build a culture of radical transparency that inspires trust, engagement, and loyalty. Let’s walk through three steps that can help.

Nervous about public speaking? 15 steps to prepare confidently

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Apply these strategies to cover your points and connect with the audience.  If you're feeling a bit anxious about how to deliver your best presentation to a tough audience, preparing for the event ahead of time is the easiest way to calm your mind. You'll want to first gain an understanding of what the program agenda is, and then figure out what you want to say. Providing real-world examples make some of the most effective narratives, so figure out which points to cover in your story, write it out, and begin reviewing it on your own or amongst your network of colleagues. The more you practice, the more familiar and comfortable you become with the materials you plan to share with your audience. To get you motivated and help you stay in the zone, below, 15 Fast Company Executive Board members are providing their best practices for leaders to project their knowledge and become the go-to reliable source.

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TXI is a strategy and product firm helping clients close the gap between ambition and reality. That means helping our clients BUILD THE RIGHT THING (with product strategy, user research, rapid prototyping and testing) and BUILD THE THING, RIGHT (Visual and interaction design and custom software development). Over 20 years of experience building integrated web applications, mobile apps, and custom digital experiences. Since 2002, we've partnered with the Fortune 100, starts-ups in Singapore and Tokyo, industry leaders in London and LA, and mission driven non-profits in our hometown of Chicago. These partners trust TXI to deliver innovative solutions that drive their businesses forward. That trust runs deep - creating partnerships that have lasted over a decade and public reviews awarding us as the #1 custom software developer in Chicago. Our UX research and product strategy teams help your product owners innovate, rapidly prototype, and validate new ideas for the business. And when you're ready to move quickly, our design and development teams collaborate in an agile fashion to quickly deliver results to production. This trusted process has allowed our partners to focus on their business objectives and move more quickly and flexibly than ever before. Learn more:



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