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Matt's "why" is to help as many people as possible blend "what could be" with cutting-edge technology and business models with practical strategies to achieve high ROI results and thrive. Mat is a technologist, futurist, keynote speaker, author, and strategic advisor to many of the world's best-known organizations, universities, and governments. My passion is to blend "what could be" with technology while pragmatically helping focus on what delivers results for your business. As CEO of FifthVantage, Matt's help clients become "future-ready" by adopting the right cutting-edge technology into the right activity areas and business models, to create game changing efficiencies and sustainable growth. Matt's team, known as The Avengers of AI, is a group of innovation veterans who shaped industry titans like AWS, Microsoft, HP, and Charles Schwab. Matt is one of the founders of Amazon Web Services and a pioneer in the AI and Cloud Computing industries. Products Matt created are used by 100s of Millions of users and power a large percentage of applications world-wide. Matt wants to advise you with his playbook to jumpstart your Digital Project success. Matt was recognized by Passion Vista Magazine as one of the Global Icons of 2023, by USA Today as one of the "Top 9 Most Exciting Entrepreneurs of 2021," and by Intercon as one of the "Top 50 Technology Leaders in the World." Matt is regularly published in Fast Company, Newsweek, Entrepreneur, USA Today, and is an AI Top Voice on LinkedIn. I discuss the most relevant topics in AI and Digital Tech with practical examples and steps to get started to ignite your success.

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We help our clients become "future-ready" by adopting the right cutting-edge technology into the right activity areas and business models, to create game changing efficiencies and sustainable growth. Our team, known as The Avengers of AI, is a group of C-level innovation veterans who shaped industry titans like AWS, Microsoft, HP, Symantec and Charles Schwab. We spark your business in weeks, not months, through our boutique, personalized consulting services - without the hefty price tag - and then move on We’re not Accenture. We’re not Deloitte. We’re the anti-consulting company We flip the script on traditional consulting approaches 💡 We deliver actionable results & real solutions, not lengthy reports 💡 We’re agile and transparent, collaborating closely with you with unfiltered clarity 💡 We champion cutting-edge technologies & creative problem-solving over old-school practices 💡 We create empowerment by equipping you with the skills & knowledge to thrive autonomously We’re not here to fit you into a pre-existing box. Our mission is to understand your unique needs and build a digital strategy plan that propels your business into the future.



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