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Our humanity is the only inspiration we'll ever need. By helping the business world see empathy as hard skill, we can fuel growth that is meaningful — meaningful because it matters to people. You can never go wrong when you build brands and products for people, as people.

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Is your department's future the latest on the chopping block? 

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Here's how managers can help their team showcase the added value they bring to the company and remain irreplaceable during tough economic times. As employee layoff announcements continue to loom across major industries, team leaders may be wondering how they can ensure the stability of their department's future at the company and avoid being replaced or eventually phased out. Here, 14 experts from Fast Company Executive Board weigh in on their best practices to help staff members stay proactive when it comes to highlighting their contributions to move the business forward long term.

10 leaders share how non-tech companies can prepare for the 'automation revolution'

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The future of automation is already here, and it's having an impact far beyond the tech industry. With continuous advances in artificial intelligence and associated technologies, the automation revolution is well underway, and there are no signs it will slow down any time soon. The potential applications of AI extend far beyond chatbots and targeted ads (although these can be incredibly significant productivity and revenue boosters). Companies across industries are pioneering new ways to automate a variety of tasks, freeing up team members for more creative and "human-facing" work. So what's the next best step for business leaders who have been hearing about and are now ready to start exploring automation and AI? Below, 10 members of Fast Company Executive Board share how non-tech companies can prepare to meet and embrace a future workplace that's "superpowered" by automation.

15 leaders share secrets to creating an authentic brand that inspires connections

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Success in the modern business world depends on developing an authentic, genuine brand that makes customers feel understood and appreciated. Today there are so many established and new businesses—together offering a staggering array of products and services and easy to access online—that a company can no longer simply lean on their service offerings as their main point of attraction. Consumers want to support brands that they see as authentic and that share and practice their values. That’s why business leaders need to focus on creating a brand that encourages genuine connections and loyalty. Developing a brand is both a creative venture and a journey of discovery. Below, 15 members of Fast Company Executive Board share their top secrets to help you build an authentic brand that truly connects with your customers and audience.

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Innate Motion is a global growth, strategy and innovation firm that specializes in business humanization, cultural decoding, purpose branding and engagement engineering. Through the application of our signature methods and tools, we enable teams and companies to craft their brands with purpose and to focus on satisfying the needs of the people they serve.We believe in unlocking meaningful growth by applying human sense to the brand and business world. Innate Motion is human led, practical, participative and an official B Corp company.


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